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  1. In order to facilitate customer credit card consumption, and saving card issuance costs, many banks have virtual cards without physical cards. After approval, they can get a set of virtual card numbers, CVV2, validity period, and can use mobile payment tools to tie card consumption. So, which banks can get virtual credit cards? Here I will take a look at 4 banks.
    1. Pudong Development Bank E-GO card
    The virtual credit card of SPD Bank belongs to a personal credit card account, relying on physical card existence, free annual fee, including UnionPay, MasterCad, VISA, and American Express Organization can be traded online with information such as card numbers, validity periods, etc., or payable functions such as Apple Pay, Cloud Flash Payment, etc. The cardholders can customize the duration and quota of the virtual card.
    This application conditions: Only physical card customers can apply for
    2. Construction Bank Dragon Card E payment card
    CCB's independent virtual credit card dedicated to online consumption. Organization, without specific card levels, can open or close the trading function at any time. It has special functions and rights such as "full network transaction", "comprehensive protection", and "all currency payment".
    This application conditions: You can handle
    3 without physical cards n3, Huaxia E-Pay card
    Huaxia Bank's first non-actual electronic credit card, with UnionPay version, Mastercard version, life-free annual fee, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat, support WeChat. Online cards, real -time transactions, multiple card numbers, can independently set up transaction switches, single transaction limits, and cumulative transaction limit for single -day.
    The application conditions: You can handle
    4 without physical cards. Card out, binding UnionPay QR code, UnionPay mobile phone flash payment, or third -party payment of third -party payment such as WeChat and Alipay. The existing card without cards and personal credit card account shared uniform quota, billing date, and repayment date.
    The application conditions: can be handled if there is a physical card

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