2 thoughts on “What happened to the faction software that I couldn't get back”

  1. As long as it can be turned on, it means that the computer's hardware is not a big problem. (Of course, you can find a professional installation to help you take a look at whether the configuration is reasonable.) The reinstallation system is the first choice. If the reinstalled system is still the same problem, it is recommended that you use another version of the system disk. Use several more versions of systems. After formatting the system area, installation
    , do not cover the installation.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear: Hello! The faction opens it and you will flash back. You can shut down and restart and try it.nSolution 1. Exit the game with a big exit and reopen it. If it is simply stuck in it, it will directly retreat and re -retreat. If it flashs out, then click to enter and try it again. 2. Clear the data cache. If you enter it again or flash, you can clear all the data of the game at this time, and then start the game again. 3. Shut down and restart. If it is not useful after the data is cleared, considering that some software conflicts may be in the background, you can directly shut down and restart the test. Basic 80%of mobile phone and computer problems can be automatically repaired by restarting. 4. Re -download. If the above methods have been tried, it is useless, then the problem of the game package will not be stuck.

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