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  1. Because the air friction metal can make the metal vibration and make a sound. So even the fake Yuan Datou is mostly blew, but there will be differences in the sound. If the sound of the tin version is tip, the copper core is low, and the lead core version is difficult to sound. Find the rules.
    In frequent contact, when the sound can tell whether Yuan Datou is made of silver, you will understand that there is another type of silver in the world. The authenticity. It is necessary to combine with the quality and manufacturing process to determine. After the silver dollar is blowing in the ear, it is not necessarily counterfeit. This is a characteristic of a metal currency that is different from banknotes. "Inferior coins" can also be used or circulated. Often in the non -stability period of a dynasty, due to the insufficient national currency supply, fake coins came into being. At this time, people tend to store the "good coins" to maintain value. Coins are expelled from coin. "

  2. This is a physical problem.
    If exclude too extreme conditions, almost all objects will make a sound in a normal environment, and it will make a sound.
    It silver dollars. Blowing with your mouth, the silver dollar produces vibration, and it will make a sound.
    silver, iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, stone, even cotton ~~, etc., any material is made into the shape of the silver dollar (even if it is not too regular, it can be made into various opposite sexes), which can produce vibrations and vibrations. , Will make a sound.
    is just, they will cause different tone due to different materials, different shapes, different content, and different content.
    For example,
    The silver coins and iron coins fell to the ground with different sounds. It is because of material.
    The silver coins and silver ore fell to the ground with different sounds. It is because of it.
    The silver coins and silver cups fell to the ground, the sound is different because of shape reasons.
    I I am not learning physics. It may not be too rigorous.
    Mi people may be influenced by film and television dramas, thinking that they can judge authenticity by sound. It is estimated that the subject think so?
    Through the sound, it can only judge the tone and the color of the silver dollar. Experienced collectors can be used as a reference through this voice. The silver content of different varieties is different.

  3. At this time, at this time, you can hear the light and crunchy sound of the silver dollar with your mouth quickly. If you pinch the side of the silver dollar, you can't hear the sound. Also pay attention to the method of blowing. The correct approach is to vertically the edges of the silver dollar, and move the air flow out of the mouth closely and quickly, and immediately put it in the ear. At this time, you can hear the vibration of the silver dollar. A bit like the vibration of the sound fork. I think that the appraisal silver dollars do not rely on the sound ... as long as the standard pinching method and the appropriate method of blowing gas are used, most metal coins can be sounded. However, the true silver dollar is relatively crispy. Experienced people should distinguish whether it is true silver by the sound quality of the sound. It is because of the "resonance" effect in physics. If it is fake silver, it is usually two different metals or silver plating. Because the position is the vibration frequency of two different objects, there will be no crisp "ding" sound.
    This is the sound of the resonance of the silver dollar. Generally, there is a sound only when it is pinched at the center of the silver dollar. The principle is the same as the sound of the silver dollar falling on the ground, but it will damage the product on the ground.
    It, there will be sounds when the fake silver dollars are blowing up, but the sound quality and sound color are different from the real product. Therefore, it is not very accurate to use the blowing method.
    The sound of fake silver dollars has a higher frequency, and the frequency of real silver dollars is lower. It is difficult to make it clear. This requires some experience. Under the conditions of conditions, you can use true and false to listen to it a few times to listen to it a few times.
    The sound of sound is due to the vibration of the object. It will vibrate after the silver dollar blows, so it will speak, just like knocking on the sound fork, it will sound.

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