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  1. The meaning of TNT:
    1, TNT is a common expansion name for lyrics files. This type of file is usually used for learning machines or electronic dictionaries with audio playback functions (such as learning machines such as patriots and friends such as patriots). TNT files can be transformed by LRC files through special conversion tools.
    2, the block in the game "My World", TNT is a block that can produce powerful destructive power. Once activated, it will explode. TNT is an effective way to remove a large number of squares or structures.
    3, TURNER Network (TNT) is the US cable TV channel, created by media tycoon Ted Turk, and is currently owned by Turner's Turner Broadcasting Corporation.
    4, TNT is a superhero under the American DC comics, with two generations.
    5, TNT are South African models and actors. Born in the German class on September 24, 1984, often took photos such as "Sports Pictorial Swimsuit Edition", "Marie Claire", "Shape" and "GQ". Wait for videos.

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