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  1. Public key, private key, password, aid words, and keystore are the concept that must be clarified when using digital currency wallets: if you do not figure it out, it is likely to cause serious losses of digital assets.

    1. Public key:

    is equivalent to the address of the wallet that belongs, which can be understood as a bank account.

    The address of the public key can be understood as a bank card number. It is calculated by the public key. Just like the bank first open an account for you, and then give you a bank card number.

    The main purpose of the wallet address is to receive money, or it can also be used as a voucher for transfer, just like when others remit money to you, you need to tell him the bank card number.

    M common wallet address style:

    Bitcoin: general address: 1 start, isolation testimony address: 3 beginning
    n Ethereum address: 0x: 0x Start: (including the Ethereum platform tokens) Rippo Address: Rit. R.

    Litecoin Address: beginning.

    2. Private key:

    is very important, equivalent to bank card number bank card password.

    Pet the wallet, enter the password to export the private key. The private key is a string consisting of the letter number. A wallet address is only one private key and cannot be modified. The private key should be stored offline, do not transmit network transmission, you can record and save it with paper.

    The main purpose, imported wallet. With the private key, you can enter the private key and set a new password on any wallet in the same series. You can import the assets of the previous A wallet into the B wallet. For example, if the phone is lost, as long as you have a private key, you can recover.

    3. Password:

    is equivalent to the bank card password.

    In when creating a digital currency wallet, a password is required, and it is generally required that no less than 8 characters are required.

    The main purpose: ① You need to enter the password when transferring the transfer. You can understand that you need to enter the password with a bank card to transfer the transfer to others; ② When importing the wallet with keystore, you must enter this password.

    The password can be modified or reset. After entering the original password, you can directly modify the new password; but if the original password is forgotten, you can use a private key or notes to import the wallet and set a new password at the same time. In digital currency wallets, a wallet can use different passwords on different mobile phones, independent of each other, and does not affect each other.

    4. Assistance

    is equal to private key = bank card number bank card password

    Records are very easy to copy wrong, so there is a helping word, which is convenient for users to remember and record. It consists of 12 words, and there is a space between each word. The aid word and the private key have the same function: as long as you enter the notes and set a new password, you can import the wallet.

    A wallet has only one set of notes and cannot be modified. The notes can only be back up once, and after the backup, it will not be displayed in the wallet. Therefore, it must be copied when backup to prevent copying errors and try to test as many times.


    keystore password = private key = bank card number bank card password, keystore ≠ bank card number
    n keystore is equivalent to encryption after encryption encryption The private key, when importing the wallet, just enter the keystore and password, you can enter the wallet. This is not the same as the use of a private key or notes into the wallet. The latter two do not need to know the original password, but directly reset the password.

    keystore to carry out wallet operations such as transaction transfer. You must know the password of the keystore. KeyStore's password cannot be changed, a keystore corresponds to a password. But you can re -generate a keystore with the aid of the wallet. This keystore can be generated with a new password. After re -generating new KeyStore, it is best to delete the old keystore.


    In the creation of a digital currency wallet, the public and private keys appeared in pairs. The public key, the private keys are a long string composed of letters, numbers.

    keystore and notes can be understood as another expression of the private key. Brements are a friendly format for wallet private key, which is very convenient for backup and importing.

    The address can be imported through the key, help words, keystore passwords, and retrieve the wallet. Passwords can be re -settled through private keys and help words. If the private key, help words, keystore password, there is a leak, others can have the control of your wallet, and the coins in the wallet will be transferred by others.

    The private key generates the public key by encrypted, and the public key converts the format to generate an address. The private key can derive the public key, the public key can derive the address, but the private key cannot be derived through the output address and the public key.

    In life, bank account opening is "opening a bank account -bank card number -setting bank card password -successful account opening
    n in the currency circle, first set the" password "(password" ( Private key), then get the "bank account" (public key), and finally give the address. For wallet security management, we mainly pay attention to anti -theft and anti -loss. Prevent private key leakage and loss.

    R n
    1 1. Regarding the behavior of various scams to induce and hand over private keys and notes, it is necessary to operate carefully;

    2. Pay attention to private keys, assistant words, keysstore passwords Backup and preservation! Multiple backups, multiple backups, multiple verifications to prevent copying errors.

    3. If the private key is not good, the backup can be selected. Requirements.

    . Do not back up online backup, or transmit your private key, help words, keystore through any third -party tools such as WeChat, QQ, and mailbox. Do not take screenshots.

    5. The backup content is placed in a safe and proper place, and tells the family (to prevent emergencies)

    ! From the perspective of investment discipline, principal security is the foundation of everything. For financial management wallets, claiming to earn high returns to earning income, etc., it should be called "digital asset financial management". You can use your assets to invest at will. You do not have a complete control of assets. If the investment is smooth and the principal and interest is safe, if the investment fails, the blood is not returned. Therefore, please use such wallets carefully. It should pay attention to the safety and privacy of assets.

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