5 thoughts on “Can Apple mobile phone pay for the game paid by Alipay?”

  1. After the Apple Mobile Alipay paid the game, there was no way to apply for a refund. Unless you have any objection to the billing bill, you can apply for customer service to intervene, but people heard that the refund will definitely not let it

  2. As long as you pay the game, the virtual product of the game is not received, then you can find a customer service to apply for a refund.

  3. Anyone or the like, as long as the payment is successful, no matter whether you use WeChat or Alipay, you will not support a refund.

  4. This is generally unable to refund because it has been successfully paid

    and many game payment now requires real -name system to pay

  5. As long as the payment is successful, it is generally not supported by the refund
    The I hope my answer can help you. If my answer is satisfied, please adopt it. Thank you

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