1 thought on “How to make gourds on the third floor of Gourd Heroes?”

  1. ? You can find a lot of good games on the web version of the third floor of Hulu Hagnoa, but some need to be seen by the currency gourd dedicated to the forum. How to make gourds? Otherwise, you can't play the modified version of the game, you are uncomfortable! Buy with money? The 3rd floor of Hulu Man is a free shared resource. How can you collect money?

    In the detailed introduction below! Each section will hold a variety of top -top activities. Generally, there will be gourd rewards. You can actively participate and earn gourds

    The valuable posts that can be reposted or original. If you are refined, you will get an additional reward
    3 Floor the positions of each section of the forum. When you get a certain title and serve the gourds, you can get the corresponding gourd returns
    usually participating in the event and there are still there are still activities and there are still activities. Some daily response, comments, can get gourds, as long as you use this method to slowly save it, there will be a lot of gourds for everyone to use. n

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