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  1. I recommend you to buy the ThinkPad X100, which is positioned with ultra -thin business books. There are three types of color, white, and black in color, 11.6 inches, 1.5kg. It is not the Internet, and its integrated graphics card is better than X4500.

    Because the CPU of AMD is used, the price is as low as 3400 (Lvsen Digital, Bring invoices, genuine licensed goods, nationwide joint insurance, 7 -day refund, physical shop price is 3900), which is ThinkPad The lowest price, performance can be seen 720P HD (most of the resolution of most notebooks is enough to watch 720P movies, because 1080P is the resolution of 1980*1080, which is more than 15,000 in the 14 notebooks, and only Sony is Sony It has an apple).

    The quality in quality, quality ThinkPad is invincible. If you have more money, you can consider the ThinkPad X200. The low price is 6000, and the cost performance is OK in the first -tier brand. The heat dissipation is very good.

    The comprehensive quality, performance and price, less money is the best choice.

    The ultra -thin book is never the material to play games (the Sony Z series is another, but you need to cost the performance ratio, this series is not cost -effective), the lowering effect of the X4500 graphics card can play World of Warcraft.

    The landlord wants to show the ultra -thin book. I advise you to give up. The only Sony Z series with the cooling of the cooling is more than 15,000 (the performance of the Sony Z119 is dreamy, the price is perverted, the price is abnormal, the price is perverted, the price is perverted, and the price is perverted. 30,000 yuan). Take a look at its powerful performance:

    The cutting -edge technology of all notebooks: Sony Lightweight Machine Emperor Z119 (just as a understanding, the price is too expensive)

    : Extremely light, 13.1 inches,
    supports LED backlight technology, the best difference rate is as high as 1920*1080, the screen Adobe RGB color space coverage rate is about 96%, plus the advanced 8bit color grade, allowing the color level to transition More natural, the picture quality effect is more accurate. (Unprecedented, unprecedented resolution)
    weight, no battery 1kg, 1.4kg with battery, 1.7kg of punching electrical appliances, small border, appearance like 12 notebooks. (Dream)
    : CPU (the strongest model of notebooks)
    : 13.1 laptop graphics card is GT330 (N card, 1024m memory) (1024 resolution 3DMX over 10,000), The graphics card performance is unparalleled (at the same time supports dual graphics switching, and is completely intelligent).
    : 512G solid -state hard disk (price over 10,000), 500 mega at a speed of 10 times the speed of 5400 hard disks (energy consumption is only 20%of 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm is not compared to farts).
    : 8G dual -channel memory, 64 -bit Win7 operating system
    6: cooling sex: After 30 minutes of high performance, the keyboard temperature does not exceed the body temperature.
    Seven: Endurance exceeds 6 hours
    8: Sevenmmmm Blu -ray drive.
    : imported from Japan, delicate workmanship, all -metal framework (a new generation of composite carbon fiber material, and adding special plastic layers, the strength and ductility are greatly improved), strong pressure resistance, sturdy hardware configuration , Outstanding performance, more humane design and strong usefulness.

  2. The core frequency of the GMA X4500 graphics card is 475MHz

    The test results for you

    3dmark06 Test results: 971 (1024 × 768 resolution)
    3dmark05 test results: 1494

    (below 30fps is not smooth)
    "Live 2008" 1280 × 800 Low -quality: 30 FPS

    "Need 11" 1280 × 800 minimum picture quality: 23 fps
    "Call of Duty 4" 800 × 600 minimum picture quality: 25 FPS

    The performance of the entry -level integrated graphics card is weaker

    . It supports HD acceleration.

    The light and light book is actually enough

    The is completely fine to play World of Warcraft

    It's ultra -thin book with independent display

    acer 3810t

    The this I bought by my dad. It's pretty good.

    ----------------------------------------- R n supplement:

    This quoting the evaluation data above.
    is a reference for you.

    The landlord can tell you so many tiles

    do you want to know what can be added again?


    supplement 2

    A on the specifically that the graphics card can tell you the X4500 only supports VC-1 encoding decoding, which is not particularly good for H.264 support.

    In general, it is enough to play ordinary games.

    ical, sorry, the 3810T above is not independent. Essence I remember the wrong

    is Acer 4820t

    In a relatively high configuration for reference

    Memory 2GB
    graphics card ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 5650 (I have to say ... graphics card really ... Very awesome)
    hard disk 320GB
    weight 2kg
    n 6400

    of course there are low -profile versions. The price is 5600
    . The graphics card is almost almost HD5470

    above is a hand -tapping ==.

    The non -reproduction party. Essence Essence Essence Essence

    It hope to help you ~~

    call. As well as

  3. Look at the picture. I tried the NB of the T4400HD4330 to play modern war 2. It is possible to go through the special effect, but if the memory is closed, it will sometimes not play under the virtual memory. There are no problems that can not be played under the memory, so it is best to have 2G memory for NB.

  4. It's not bad. It is relatively powerful in the integrated graphics card. It adopts a new generation of technology and is also a representative of the new generation of integrated graphics cards. The overall performance is estimated to be similar to 8400GT. The general mini -game is fine. Older, such as World of Warcraft, the dungeon is OK. But don't think about large netizens and abnormal stand -alone games. If the original poster usually watch a movie, it is enough to play mini -games

  5. The core frequency of the GMA X4500 graphics card is 475MHz
    Generally speaking, you still can't play the current large game!
    The performance of this graphics card is weaker than ordinary entry -level integrated graphics cards. If the host usually watch movies, playing mini -games is enough for the ultra -thin book Acer 3810t

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