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  1. Recently, DNF has caused a lot of players, causing public indignation.

    First of all, for personal issues, my gun king was stolen twice on March 20 and June 29. Enter 20,000 yuan. For these two stolen time, it is nothing more than two points. First, acquaintances stolen, second, a staff member of the Tencent DNF project team colluded with the inside and outside of the outside world.

    For the above problems, the explanation made by TX is still lost in the game data. I can't find any data. As far as the agent of DNF is concerned, a little data will be connected. Are there no? Some customer service told me that the data of equipment transactions had been found, and I told me that there is a coded thing in the background on each piece of equipment, but the reason for it is that because some equipment is some equipment that some equipment is some of the equipment is some of the equipment that is some of the equipment is some of the equipment that is some of the equipment is some of the equipment. The player bought through offline transactions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the player, so he could not get it back. For the above information, I personally recognize it. But uneven things followed, follow -up ...

    The second. For all players, the title of the title since July 21, July 21, Tencent has blocked this game for DNF. , Intrafeled a bunch of people's DNF accounts, and these people are basically all the merchants who receive the goods, and some RMB players spend money to buy game coins. In response to this issue, they explained that they were mistaken. In July, in July, in July, in July, in July Although a group of players were unsealed on the 22nd, all the game coins were cleared after unblocking. So far, there are still a large number of players who have not been unblocked. The response given is that Tencent does not support offline transactions. Please ask me that my equipment is stolen. Others buy it through offline transactions. We who buy game coins to buy game coins are violated with your so -called game regulations. What is the heavenly reason?

    Third, for the "New Regulations for Online Game Management" implemented on August 1, 2010, due to the release of the news, the regulations of the online game management regulations will be implemented on August 1, 2010: as follows:
    1. It is not allowed to set up a compulsory battle without the consent of the online game user, and to induce online game users to adopt a legal currency or online game virtual currency to obtain online game products and services.

    2. Require online game users to use valid identity documents for real -name registration.

    3, cumulative listing every day (adult): 3 hours of income halved, 6 hours later, the income is 0. (Non -adult): The income of 2 hours is halved, and the income of 4 hours is 0.

    4. If the above conditions cannot be met, it will be forced to terminate the operator's operation of online games, or the online game operating rights will be transferred, and it shall be announced in 60 days in advance and properly handle the user's unwanted users that have not been used yet. Online games virtual currency and unable to fail game services.

    5. Take technical and management measures in accordance with national regulations to ensure network information security, and protect national secrets, business secrets and personal information of user information in accordance with the law.

    Due to the provisions of this management regulations, Tencent urgently withdrew from 4 sets of Sky, and synthetic gift packages. For everyone, we can imagine that dressing up a synthetic gift package and inducing most players to consume. rnrn第四,针对本次活动礼包问题,由于DN(龙之谷)这款游戏给予腾讯的压力,腾讯退出新强档的首饰礼包RMB88元,而获取的方式,却It is randomly extracted in 12 pieces of jewelry. Needless to say, it can be said that it is more difficult than the sky, and the activity time is only ten days. In response to this issue, the player has no objection. Zhou Yu fights with a yellow cover, and he is willing to fight and be willing to be. However, after the update, the game currency after 12 o'clock is unlimited trading, all closed, all transactions must be through their so-called auction houses, and the cost of the auction house is three percentage of the transaction amount to the amount of the transaction amount-percentage of the transaction amount to Fifth, there is a auction house discount volume in their mall, worth 10QB, that is, if you do not buy their auction discount volume, the handling fee must be five percent. Go to buy that prop.

    The questions above, ask Tencent, such a good game allows you to act as an agent, and you use it as a means of money laundering Essence

    The agents made by DNF Hanbok, Taiwan Server, and Japanese clothes are all reasonable coordinator, but as a national service agent of Tencent, it has become a money without money. Go to the game.

    Is to let Tencent know that we are consumers, we are his God, not an idiot who is arbitrarily exploited.

    . Therefore, the Gun King of the Shandong District and the baby Xu Xu and Linyi Jun Sword call on the players. In response to the above problems, the for three days from 0:00 on August 1st to 0pm, for three days. During the period, do not log in to DNF, not to consume any scrolls, game coins and so on. Tencent is required to treat players reasonably, optimize this game reasonably, and create a good game environment for players. If not, players have unanimous requests, replace agents, and hope that this diary can be seen by the original DNF publisher. With a satisfactory explanation for the public, with the support of those who sincerely follow them together, everyone reprinted together to resist malicious agents.

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  2. Dear host. I am very happy to answer it for you ~

    The following is my answer to you:

    Prive the C drive first, Windows file and then open the system32 file, search "dinput8.dll" in it After finding, delete it, restart it again, just, (this situation often occurs in my family ~)

    It the landlord to adopt it ~

  3. What is it? I have played a long time without a security mode. I do n’t have QQ token, mobile phone token, and secret mobile phone like you. Is it anti -addiction?

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