How much bonus does the NBA regular season, finals, and All -Star Games have their own MVP?

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  1. How much bonus does the NBA regular season, finals, and All -Star Games have their own MVP?
    It the playoffs is undoubtedly an important drama of the NBA, so the NBA has set up the playoff prize in 1982 to win the team to win the team. As the commercial value of the NBA is getting higher and higher, the total bonus is also rising. The bonus in 2017 has reached $ 15 million, and this year has risen to $ 20 million again, a record high.
    In except for the reward of the partition ranking, the first round of the playoffs can get $ 298,485 respectively; the team participating in the semi -finals of the playoffs will account for 355,159 US dollars. Then came to $ 584,898. The team that reaches the finals will receive the highest reward. Among them, the team winning the championship is $ 3,541,896, and the defeat team can also get $ 2,346,947.
    What, why do you ask why the bonuses are all zero? I don't know ...
    , whether it is a star or a role player, the players are still willing to fight in the playoffs, because the playoff performance will directly determine their contract, and the playoffs are obviously inspected An important stage of player abilities.
    Although the final bonus is not "zone" millions, there are not many teams at the NBA champion -level level, but its honor attributes are far more than the money itself. Therefore, the team members also value the bonus. After the bonus is issued to the team, most players usually give the bonus to the team's ordinary staff, thank them for their enthusiasm and companionship throughout the season.
    Inned ESPN, in the 2014-2015 season, the Blazers' Chris Kaman had proposed to allocate the playoff bonus to the team's staff on the one hand. On the other hand, it can also promote the unity of the team. Of course, most teams will also distribute this bonus to players, which is also an income for some role players.
    NNBA players are generous, but this season's 20 million US dollars this season is not inconspicuous in professional sports.
    The comparison, in the Champions League finals that just ended, Real Madrid, who won the game, received a 64 million euros of the event bonus, and from the live broadcast, Real Madrid's total income was nearly 100 million euros.
    is interesting that after Real Madrid defeated Juventus in 2017, the runner -up Juventus optical bonus exceeded 100 million euros, because they got a larger proportion in the Serie A division, and the champion Real Madrid was in When the Champions League revenue in the Champions League was 810.05 million euros, and the team participating in the European Champions League that year, the total amount of more than 1 billion euros was divided.
    For another example, the TI7 ended in August 2017, the bonus pool also broke through the new Gundam to more than $ 24.78 million. The champion Liquid took away 10 million US dollars, and the second place's Newbee team and the third place LFY received 3.65 million and 2.4 million, respectively. Looking at this way, the NBA obviously has a huge room for improvement.
    NBA's business footsteps are still moving forward, which naturally benefits from the wonderful duel on the court. According to the official Twitter report of "Turner Sports", in the Western finals of TNT this year, 8.5 million viewers were watched in 6 games. This data increased by 36%compared to last year's Eastern Finals (Cavaliers VS Celtics), an increase of 30%compared to last year's Western finals (Warriors VS Spurs).
    Among them, 8.8 million viewers watched the live broadcast in the first game of the Western finals, creating the first record of the first viewers in TNT history. The number of people in the Western finals increased by 9%, which was 38%more than the first game last year. The last time the number of viewers of more than 8.8 million Western Conference G1 was traced back to 2002. At that time, the Lakers broadcast by the NBC played against the king game.
    The eastern finals of TNT's broadcast created a double-digit growth, of which 18-34-year-olds increased by 24 %, and the 18-34-year-olds increased by 22 %. At present, with the promotion of the Cavaliers and the last game of the Western finals in the regional finals, this number obviously still has more room for growth.
    This, the commercial value of the NBA is still expanding, and the playoffs' playoff bonus growth is also about to be treated. According to IEG, the NBA sponsorship income this season has reached 1.12 billion US dollars. It can be seen that the NBA can get so much attention in the World Cup year, which is closely related to the local basketball market in the United States.

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