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  1. Adjustment:
    1. Adjust the amount or extent to make the suitable requirements. 2. Remediation, conditioning. 3. Make the song together in the rhythm. 4. Refers to the sunny wind and rain evenly and moderate.
    (1) Adjustment: Official actions to adjust internal economic policies to correct international income and expenditure or currency interest rates.
    (2) Adjustment: It refers to the operation of the transformer regulating the position of the transformer in the power system or the operation of the connect to switch between the connecting connector.
    (3) Adjustment: The effort of the psychology and mental state is at normal level to provide a suitable environment for the body.
    (4) Adjustment: Change the original situation, make it adapt to the objective environment and requirements, and play a greater role.

  2. Adjustment: Adjust the quantity, degree, scale, etc. to meet the standards.
    adjustment: reorganize and rectify to adapt to new situations and requirements.
    The actual usage two uses are not much different, and each other is synonymous.
    1. Adjustment
    The pinyin [tiáo jié]
    basic interpretation
    in terms of quantity, degree, scale, etc. Arrange mobilization treatment, scheduling, conditioning and regulating treatment
    Encyclopedia interpretation
    The human body has a comprehensive regulatory mechanism, can perceive the changes in environmental factors, and change the various physiological functions of the human body accordingly with the changes of the environmental factors, and make them make it Mutual cooperation to adapt to changes in environmental factors. This process is called adjustment.
    The sentence
    1. Aunt Huang is good at regulating disputes between neighbors.
    2. The teacher adjusted the contradiction with my classmates for me.
    3. The production plan of this month must be adjusted.
    2. Adjustment
    The Pinyin [tiáo zhěng]
    basic interpretation
    This rectification to make the new situation and requirements
    Schedule and conditioning
    Top: Adjust the pinyin: Tiáo zhěng English: IMPROVE, V,

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