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  1. COSPLAY refers to the use of clothing, small jewelry, props and chemicals to play the role of novels, animation, and games that you like.
    COS is a brief writing of English Costume. Its verbs are COS, and those who play cos are generally called coser. But because this translation is the same as the Role Playing Game (RPG) in the game, it is the same as the role of role -playing, so in order to avoid the same, more precisely COS is clothing.
    Cosplay is anime role -playing, but in fact, some Coser also admits that imitation visual bands and originals belong to cosplay. In public, such as the COSPLAY competition also accepted the visual band imitation and original performance.
    The expansion information
    Cosplay's initial origin. Everyone generally agrees to position the birthplace of cosplay as Japan. Of course, if this is based on the concept of cosplay in the present era In terms of.
    But if in a broad sense, the real birthplace of the animation cosplay is definitely the United States in the western hemisphere. It even said that if you really want to discuss the original form of cosplay, the earliest appearance of cosplay was in the first few centuries before the first century of the first year of AD Among them! Because the Greek sacrifice that exists around 1,000 BC.
    or later created two great Greek epic "Iliate" and "Odyssey". Playing the role of others.

  2. Cosplay is the abbreviation of English Costume Play, Japanese. Refers to the use of clothing, jewelry, props and makeup to play the role of anime works, games, and ancient characters. People who play cosplay are generally called cosplayer.
    Cosplay's relatively narrow explanation is the role of imitation and dressing up the virtual world, also known as role -playing. As a result, a new meaning is derived from the Internet, and it is often used to describe "people who pretend to be certain people."
    The contemporary cosplay is usually regarded as a cultural activity. The role of the objects played from animation, comics, games, video games, light novels, movies, TV series, special photography, idol groups, occupations, historical history Stories, social stories, unique things (or anthropomorphic forms) in the real world, or other tangible roles. The method is to deliberately wear similar clothing, plus the matching of props, makeup shapes, body language, and other parameters to imitate these characters.

    The expansion information:
    The origin -
    Cosplay's earliest origin may come from the interpretation of mythology, folk news, etc., as well as festival stories, literary works, philosophy, sacrifice, sacrifice The ancestral plot, inspiring the plot, the desire of the desire, and the fantasy of the soul, and the corresponding clothing, props, and plots to present the role and content to be deducted flexibly. These activities usually belong to drama performances and folk activities. Strictly speaking, it is very different from today's cosplay, but it can still be regarded as the origin of cosplay culture. Because Cosplay is originally the dress of imitating various drama or anime works as the main axis.
    For example, there are ancient Greek priests dressed, and then two great Greek epic "Iliate" and "Odyssey" are the roles of bardrs who are active in the first 8th century. The former became the presence of the prophets, forefronts, and successfully interpreting the existence of the apostles of the emperor, while the latter was like the originator of today's drama, and he entered into a number of heroic deeds.
    This nomadic nomadic jeep can also be said to be the earliest batch of dressed performers.
    17th century, after Jesus priest Atanas Kexue invented magic slides, animation was popular in Central Europe. By the late 1930s, Ludy Mickey Mouse appeared, and the American animation style had a clear and affirmative definition, and the real first in history of the cosplay of the animated character as the dressed.
    Mico mice are all the rage in the United States and the world. Whenedini found the first Disneyland in 1955 in 1955. At the same time, in order to promote the product itself and attract tourists better, they also invited employees to put on Mickey mouse clothing for tourists for tourists for tourists. Play or take pictures. At the time, the unknown Mickey mouse dress was the real ancestor of the Cosplay behavior around the world.
    The initially dressed as Mickey Mouse, Brucet, Gao Fei Dog, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters in the Disneyland to make cosplay costumes earlier. Shortly after the Disneyland was officially established, it expanded the scale of the props department with Ludy Disney, not only to make props for film and television works, but also responsible for all COSPLAY costumes needed to work in Disneyland.
    The clothing used as Cosplay was just a "big paper bag" with a fixed shape. It lacks beauty and comfort, and the finished product is relatively rough. The dressor is prone to poor breathing after putting on this clothing. Even so, the production of Disney Cosplay costumes at this time has a certain scale.

  3. As the name suggests, Cosplay is a brief writing of English Costume Play. Its verbs are COS, and those who play cosplay are generally called cosplayer. In general, the earliest Chinese translation of cosplay is from Taiwan, which means role -playing. But because this translation is the same as the Role Play Game (RPG) in the game, it is the same as the role of the role, so in order to avoid the same, I prefer to be another translation-clothing dress. In today's COSPLAY, its form and content generally refer to the use of clothing, small jewelry, props and chemicals to play the role in ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) or some Japanese visual bands and some characters in the movie in the movie. From this we can see that Cosplay contains a very broad space, and it can even be said that as long as there is a place where Cosplayer is in, this field is definitely the mainstream of the popular culture of young people today.

    cosplay origin

    The first origin of cosplay, now everyone generally agrees to locate the birthplace of cosplay to Japan. Of course It is true that this is the benchmark. But in a broad sense, the real birthplace of the animation cosplay is definitely the United States in the Western Hemisphere, and even if you really want to discuss the original form of cosplay, the author can tell you the earliest appearance of Cosplay before the first year of the first year of AD For the centuries! Because the Greek sacrifice that existed around 1,000 BC, or the two great Greek epic "Iliate" and "Odyssey", which were co -created by the Greek epic "Iliate" and "Odyssey, The poets, they or she are actually playing the role of others. The former became the prophets and presence of later generations. The successful cosplay of the Apostles of God, while the latter is like the originator of today's stage drama. In fact, the meaning of Cosplay includes and the meaning of dressing not only refers to the appearance of an appearance, but more importantly, to go to the heart of the cosplay people. Well, the words are home. Next, I will continue to talk about the real birthplace of cosplay-the United States.

    The cosplay in the United States is like forming?

    Since the 17th century, Jesus priest Kircher invented "magic slide", The emergence of animation has become an inevitable. In the later century, Europe began to become popular in Europe. This kind of "magic slide" did not appear until the late 1930s. After the appearance of a fascinating little mouse in Walter Disney, the American animation style was clear and affirmed Definition, and the real first in history, the cosplay who plays the object of the animation is also out of this period. Yes, there is no doubt that the cute rice mouse is the same as the American book and the world. Walter Disney founded the world's first Disney Paradise in 1955 in a timely manner in 1955. At the same time, in order to promote the product itself and to attract tourists better, Walter Disney also invited employees to put on rice mouse clothing for tourists to enjoy or take pictures. Therefore, it can be said that the unknown "Mickey Mouse" dress was the real ancestor of Cosplayer all over the world. And it can also be discovered that the purpose of Cosplay's initial formation is still because of a commercial shape and not as a popular consumption as it is now. In short, the United States or more precisely, Disney as the real birthplace of Cosplay actually has another very important basis, that is, the professional production of Cosplay clothing wearing Cosplay clothing on Disney costumes at the time. Although many of the current COSPLAY clothing, many of them are sewn by the costumes themselves. However, as the origin of a cosplay, it is necessary to have a standardized and systematic clothing production organization.

    The initially made Cosplay costumes for the group of Mickey Mouse, Brugun, Gufei, Donald Duck, and other Disney characters in Disneyland at that time. Shortly after the formal establishment of the park, Walter Disney expanded the scale of the prop. In addition to making props for film and television works, it is also responsible for all Cosplay clothing required for work in the park. Of course, these so -called cosplay costumes were just a "big paper bag" with a fixed shape. There is no beauty at all, the finished product is relatively rough, and the dressor is prone to poor breathing after wearing this clothing. But anyway, compared to the time, Disney's Cosplay costume production at this time had a certain scale.

    is Japan the founder of cosplay in the real sense today?

    The Japan at this moment, because the god Twita Katsuka in 1947, the red book comic "New Treasure Island" adapted from the original Sakai Qima original work, and set off a new in Japan The upsurge of comics. This has created the great prosperity of Japan's entire ACG (Anime, Comic, Game) market, and laid a solid foundation for the real establishment of ACG in Japan. At this time, Cosplay, which was propagated by Disney, was introduced to Japan. It was imitated with the ACG industry. As a result, it became a trend and became the normal activity of Japan's ACG world. The earliest Cosplay in Japan appeared in the period of Showa's thirty years (1955 AD). At that time, the so -called cosplay was just a dress between children's games. In that year, the year of "Moonlight Mask" and "Junior Jeter" were played in Japan, so many children were the protagonists of the two works of Cosplay at the time. Although the cosplay at this time is purely the gadgets between children, it is still quite particular about clothing. Of course, the premise is to have money. At that time, Japan did not have a special cosplay clothing store. If children want to have the same costumes as the heroes in the animation, they must first ask people to draw design drawings, and then go to department stores to ask people sewing. Today's famous game producer, Prince Hiroi, ’s costume design drawing when he was a child, please draw the geisha on a geisha street near his house. This relatively rough situation has been maintained for nearly two decades. It was not until the 1970s that ACG in Japan experienced exploration and growth in the early 1980s, and COSPLAY, a COSPLAY affiliated culture, gradually developed. It is said that the concept of cosplay is completely inherited in Japan at that time.

    . In the 1980s, although Japan's cosplay was developed at a higher age layer and more groups, it still had no real pure cosplay activities in the true sense. At this time, cosplay is more attached to another peripheral culture brought by ACG-the same social society (its work is called the same people). The term "Tongren" originated from Japan. Originally referring to "a group of people with the same interest, creating their own literary works, called Tongren." In other words, as long as the like -minded friends gather the literary and artistic works published into a book, they cannot be published and issued by the Commercial Press. Due to the prevalence of Japanese anime and video game culture at that time, many good popular works were very popular among their fellows. As a result, a large number of fellow communities have risen, and in order to recruit members and sell members in the fellows (the first world fellows, that is, the sale meeting of the first world began in December 1975, when it was only 32 organizations participating, entering the entry, entering The number of people with more than 600 people will sell for more than 600 people, but in the 1980s, it became a super -large fan of two to three times a year. The characters in the comics or video games come to visit the booth to attract fellow fans. This phenomenon in Japan is called "watching version". Therefore, this trend was like an explosion, which quickly caused a trend in the fellow colleagues. The number of people joined Cosplay quickly grew rapidly. Later, its popularity was even comparable to the same sales.

    The childhood childhood in the 1960s and 1970s, after the 1980s, COSPLAY in the 1990s accompanied the GAME industry in Japan's ACG industry (the most typical is Nintendo, Sega, Sega As well as the second generation of the model between Sony) and the endless layers of the visual orchestra have begun to enter the right track, becoming a large -scale ACG industry auxiliary culture. In the 1990s, the Japanese ACG industry successfully held a large number of animation exhibitions and gaming exhibitions. At this time, in order to promote its own products, Japanese cartoon companies and video game companies found some men and women in these game exhibitions and comic festivals. The role to attract participants. This trick can be said to be exactly the same as when Walter Disney was launched by Disneyland. It can be seen that the key to the formation and development of cosplay is based on the degree of ACG's commercialization. For promotional methods, Cosplay itself can get great development and understanding.

    Il's cosplay in mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong?

    cosplay was introduced late in China. The first cosplay that can be checked in Taiwan was on August 27, 1995. It is not large, and the characters are mostly character in video games. After that, on October 13, 1996, the Taipei Xiongbao restaurant held a autumn party by the "Super Orange Group". Although it was widely propagated before the meeting, there were many people who knew it, but the scale was still small. This situation has been continued until mid -February 1997. It was held in three consecutive activities. The number of Cosplay people began to increase, and since then, the characteristics of the Taiwan Cosplay world have been formed. Since then, the scenes of COSPLAY in Taiwan have begun to increase every year. The phenomenon of development from the north to the central and southern regions has appeared. The popularity of Taiwan's cosplay activities can be seen from this.

    . The time to appear in Hong Kong's COSPLAY seems to be earlier than Taiwan. It is said that in 1993, Hong Kong had its own cosplay. At that time, there was no fellowship of Hong Kong at that time. Generally speaking, the fellow communities were exhibited and sold through the art festival venue held every year in Hong Kong at that time. The "four hundred feet" fan organization put on the uniforms of the Allied forces in the "Legend of the Galaxy Heroes" at the venue, and they became Hong Kong's first Cosplay. In the same venue of the next year, they also played the Allied forces, but this time they also brought another group of "UVRZ" fellow communities to play role -playing together. Those female members of the "UVRZ" wearing Japanese -style witch clothing and praying for the visitors who were present with witch sticks. In 1995, "Four hundred feet" played the role of "Mobile Police", and "UVRZ" began to play some famous ACG characters in that year, such as the right Beijing in "Random Horse 1/2" or "My Minecraft Beilu Dandi in Love God. Since 1996, the "four hundred feet" community began to retreat and no longer did any cosplay, but at the same time, the rest of the fellow colleagues began to play costumes, making the number of people in the COSPLAY industry in Hong Kong climbing up. Shortly after that, the first fans in Hong Kong, that is, the sales will be jointly opened by "UVRZ", "Comic Babies" and "Fire Dog Workshop" (but also the only time, and then Hong Kong has never appeared again ) Of course, the influence of Cosplay in Hong Kong was expanded again.

    In the expansion of influence year by year, the Hong Kong Comics Association started the first anime meeting exhibition that really belongs to the comic fans from July 30 to August 3, 1998. The fee is 25 Hong Kong dollars. It is said that the cosplay in this exhibition is the most popular one ever, and many people play the role in fighting games such as the Eight Gods and Grass Shaver. At that time, the champion of Hong Kong's first Cosplay competition- "Fun Fun Clothing Dressing Competition" was a girl dressed as "Holy Biography". After that, the SE -style club, TG workshop, and Hong Kong Fine Arts Professional Center held the first Comic World for the first time on August 30, 1998. And for the first time, a "clothing dressing area" was divided into the venue to facilitate the exhibitors to take pictures. It is quite surprising that at the time, some people had started cosplay "Inuyasha"! Intersection In recent years, the exhibition between university communities has gradually begun to show another active venue in Hong Kong's Cosplay community.

    Compared with the mainland, Cosplay appeared late. It was not until the domestic exhibition in China in 1998 that there were some sporadic spontaneous personal cosplay shows. Essence Therefore, there are cosplay, and the number is also very scarce. However, due to the maturity of COSPLAY in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Cosplay in the mainland was able to grow quickly and stable, and in August 2000, it successfully held the first Cosplay contest in mainland China. In the following year, Huayi Company also opened the "Best COSPLAY Competition in 2001" with its huge influence on online games, with its huge influence in online games. At the same time, due to Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing's frequent launching exhibitions and fan exhibitions in recent years, Cosplay of today's mainland has a certain degree of scale.

    ========================= n Appendix

    Detailed explanation of Cosplay

    Costume (noun) = costume of a certain character, clothing
    Costume (verb) = clothing n Costume = person who is similar to someone, Similar to cosplayer.

    cosplay -Origin: A abbreviation of English "Costume Play" by Nov. Takahashi. His inspiration stems from the International makeup ball in San Francisco, and his enthusiasm for Cosplay in the article (1982) published in the "My Anime" magazine in Japan's "My Anime" magazine. sports. Although cosplay does not originate in Japan, the current cosplay in the United States has been greatly affected by Japan's cosplay.
    cosplay (noun) = clothing about anime characters.
    cosplay (verb) = wear clothes about anime characters.
    cosplayer = People wearing Costume

    crossplay (verb) = part of cosplay: Play the opposite sex in cosplay.
    = People who play the opposite sex in cosplay.

    = wearing heterosexual clothing. When he is alone, it does not show that he is CrossPlay (that is, a man plays a man, and the latter likes girls' clothes, the former is, but not CrossPlay). Crossplay has nothing to do with it. It is only related to the gender of the player and the gender of the actor.

    For example: (I'm sorry, the name of the person can't translate: P)
    This cos nuriko, kamataari or mana is not.
    But it is not.
    The boy cos UTENA or Sakura is also.
    The girl cos kenshin or vash is also.

    and does not fully explain a person's gender tendency. You can't conclude that one is male (female) homosexual or bisexual. As for life, it is more or less implied to a person's gender tendency, but please do not make up, you may be completely wrong.

    definition: a embrace of congratulations or greetings (sometimes also indicates attack)

    ============ ============================================= n
    For cosplay, the most important thing is not your appearance, but on the production of clothing. Generally speaking, there are four methods to get cosplay clothing, namely: others send (sweat), go to monopoly to monopolize Buy, do it by yourself, or tailor -made for tailoring.

    1: Others send

    of course, it must be popular. Some of the cosplay friends who usually know in the mansion or life, wait for him or her) You can ask him or she is about to come when Cosplay takes it, but relatively speaking, there are very few opportunities.

    2: Go to the specialty store to buy

    This is a very sparse thing in Japan. For example, in Japan, there is a cosplay clothing for OFFCIAL. COSPA is a good example. And their clothes are officially recognized. In addition, there are some shops that make cosplay clothes, because it is privately created, it is not Office. In Taiwan, it is basically an unofficial Cosplay clothing store, but in these two regions, there are second -hand stores that save money and conveniently. As for Hong Kong and mainland China, even stores that specialize in COSPLAY services are very rare, and generally require customization.

    3: Do it yourself

    The biggest fun of cosplay is to make clothing and props by yourself. Of course, if you want to do it yourself, you must first cut the tailor, and it is best to have a sewing machine at home. Generally speaking, it takes a month to design the material by choosing it alone until the production is completed. In the meantime, in addition to technical and tools, spiritual concentration is also quite necessary. A piece of clothing is really not easy to complete from the initial paper sample until it is completed. But when the clothing is completed, the pleasure you can feel is also unable to be renewed.

    4: Tailoring of tailoring

    The tailoring of tailoring is generally the practice of Hong Kong and mainland Cosplayer. This advantage is that one is cheaper in terms of price, and on the other hand, it is easy to make your own requirements. Generally speaking on the mainland, tailor shops are very easy to find, but there are not many cosplay clothes. Usually after you pay the order on the mainland, you can collect clothes one to two weeks. If there is any dissatisfaction with the clothing at this time, the owner will usually restructure you on the spot.

    This Cosplay service is really expensive. If you take it for specialty stores, it usually costs nearly a thousand. Although it costs less by yourself, if you depend on the complexity of the COS character clothing, sometimes nearly six or 700 yuan, and you have to pay a considerable effort and labor. In view of the cosplay in Taiwan, some people are called to work hard to hurt money. But for the majority of Cosplayer, all this is worth it. (Edit: Yihui)

    ============================ =====================

    What is the current cosplay?

    Today's cosplay is already quite complete. Not only can it be played by people, but it can also be played by comics and anything in the game, such as animals and robots. As long as you want to get it, you can get it without any restrictions. However, sometimes it is very difficult to walk out of each step, and some people have dressed up space warships, and it is incredible to crawl on the ground like a battleship. As a subsidiary culture of ACG, Cosplay has become the mainstream of youth culture entertainment in today's society. When a friend's birthday party, big and small anime exhibitions or "prefabricated dances" in lovers can use cosplay to activate the atmosphere. More importantly, while cosplay, it may be handed over to some good teachers and friends through the production and learning cosplay of others. While it is beneficial to the physical and mental satisfaction, it can also entertain the public.

    . In today's Japan, except for the annual fixed Tokyo Spring and Autumn Seasons, and a variety of animation exhibitions, I am timid. It can be said to have gathered elites that gathers the Cosplay world in Japan, and provided a chance to make them dressed up. Japan's cosplay is obsessed with young people, and some children are involved in it, and some children are even more dressed with their parents and implement a family. In addition, Cosplay is still a profession in Japan. Japanese popular singers, Parkhara Chong and Teng Yuanji, are also very loving Cosplay. It can be seen how the charm of cosplay in Japan has a huge influence.

    . At the same time as cheerful, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, Japan has restrictions on tourists taking pictures for cosplayer. Except for the cosplay photo area specifically set in the venue, tourists are not allowed to take pictures at will. Taking the annual Tokyo video gaming show as an example, Cosplay does not have the so -called event, but there will be a lot of cosplayer here on the corridor outside the venue. Of course Those who can't take Cosplayer, and some people may promise to let you take a picture, but this must be taken outside to take pictures. As for the reason, one is because the venue is the activity of the manufacturer, so you have to shoot Show Girl, which can only shoot manufacturers. Although the manufacturer may not be managed, Cosplayer may not like such an orderly behavior. They all come according to regulations, so they should not take pictures, they will refuse! The second is that most of them pay attention to their identities and hope that you can respect them, so when they want to visit well, they may not want someone to take pictures of them. As for the third, it is because many Japanese cosplayer requirements for self -performance are very high, so when the shooting conditions are not good at the venue, they do not want to be taken in this way. , With sufficient sunshine, putting a satisfactory posture to make you beautiful. Of course, the other value is to pay attention to it, you must get the consent of others, it is absolutely impolite behavior!

    It, as an iconic culture in Japan-the street show can also see the cosplay clan. Near the Kamagiya Bridge, the base camp of the well-known international streets in Harajuku-COSPLAY. The COSPLAY here is simply divided into several factions, the court doll department, star vision department, Kaman system, Shi Ming nursing service system, white face, self -creation, etc. The crowds on Saturday and afternoon are the most concentrated. In fact, this culture that shows self is the earliest after the opening of the original "Budeikku Son of Bamboo", and was gradually rendered to form the atmosphere of the weekend at the "Pacers Heaven". It is called the "Bamboo Son", which has reached its climax in the 1980s, but this term has gradually been forgotten.

    How to participate in cosplay?

    The entertainment projects of non -official nature, whether in Japan, mainland China or Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions, basically there is no restriction on it. As long as you have your own cosplay clothing, you can participate in the cosplay activities in various exhibitions as a community or individual.

    Because the cosplay itself does not limited the role, it is generally selected from various ACG magazines to choose the role you want to play before participating, and then start collecting all kinds of characters about this role. Intelligence and information. For example, the clothing, props, image characteristics, etc. are all things that need to be investigated. Then you can prepare clothing, as for the specific operation method, it has been described earlier.

    In this day you can run to the venue happily and participate in the performance of cosplay.

    what does cosplay bring us?

    It is difficult to say what Cosplay brings us, after all, everything has two sides. From the perspective of people outside the circle, the Cosplay event is an activity that is not economical and meaningless. In Taiwan, a real event caused by the media because of the media's incomprehension of Cosplay. So what exactly do they get for those Cosplayer?

    It, as I described in the previous article, the real cosplay is not just dressing it, but more importantly, the soul swap. Imagine that in such a fierce city society, everyone will bear all kinds of pressures and confusion because of their own work or study. If you can put aside these at this time, COS is another self, wouldn't it be a great liberation of self -spiritual pressure? Relax the mood and relieve ourselves through the mutual conversion of the character, so we should not position the cosplay only in the role of ACG. Everyone actually plays a different role in society, belongs to their own role, isn't it? Well, every human beings in real life must have their own troubles. Today, you are a poor beggar, or the wealthy lord who is entangled with the waist, and you have your own troubles. And the real world (three dimensions) of the so -called ACG characters in Cosplay does not need trouble. Cosplay can also get spiritual relief, temporarily evasion of reality, and a one of the characters in ACG through cosplay. Temporary changes in the idea. Even though the ACG festival has passed, it still has to face reality, but the relaxation of the joy and escape reality pain at that time can make yourself more active and confident and anticipated.

    . In the end, what should I talk about?

    Dreams, I do n’t know how many people have such a gorgeous word. Think of the author's dreams of countless dreams when he was a kid, but now he has realized it, but some are still so out of reach. But thinking about it, this is not exactly what Cosplay can do. Go to COS's dream when he was a kid. Although this has not changed much for reality, his body and mind will get a momentary consolation and satisfaction. Go to cosplay. Such an attempt may make you live younger and maybe (laugh).

    ================================== ================

    cosplay safety tutorial -Prevent
    December 3, 2003 Author: PConline

    It often occur in the COSPLAY world, or photos are often placed in a controversial discussion area. Especially the photos, after the previous activities, the venue does have a behavioral behavior. Therefore, for this situation, in addition to trying to obtain it as much as possible after the photo is released, I also hope that cosplayer can pay attention to yourself. Safety.

    The premise, 99%of the dangerous cosplayer objects are female cosplayer (if anyone wants to take a male cosplayer photo, then ....) Pay attention to whether there are people with a camera next to him, or people who are not very right in the lens, but at the same time, cosplayer may have no time to do everything in the event and take care of each aspect. Therefore Preparation is also very important.

    Basically, the easiest way to avoid being avoided is not COS too sexy characters, but if there is COS's need or interest, I hope that cosplayer's preparation can be perfect beforehand, so even if it is photographed, even if it is photographed Once, they can't take any dangerous shots, which is also the last guarantee of cosplayer^_^

    In fact, because ... Mengyuan, our management group is all boys, Liulixiang, she does not do it. It appears at the venue, so it is impossible to provide opinions ^^ || Therefore, the following methods are the information obtained by asking the female cosplayer friends around them. I hope that the female cosplayer of the female cosplayer who is more dangerous to the COS can understand the use of the following items^_^, and in addition If there are any supplements (there should be a lot of supplement ^^ ||), please also tell the webmaster or leave a message on the message board.

    First of all, to tell everyone here, no matter what role COS, it is best to wear a cotton clothes, so that you can completely avoid the so -called "infrared perspective" photography equipment, and in the field, and in the place, and in it In the action, it is best to avoid being too easy to expose (such as a short skirt to avoid squatting, etc.), and avoid some more sensational actions (such as those who wear low -cut -ups bent down, etc.). For parts, avoid these actions to give yourself more guarantee^_^

    The following are common anti -objects:

    1. Safe pants:
    This is easy to buy. From the appearance, it is like a simple tight shorts. There are many colors to choose from. The main purpose is to have a layer of protection except underwear.

  4. Cosplay is a brief writing of English Costume
    Play. Its verbs are COS, and those who play cosplay are generally called cosplayer.
    ?? Cosplay roughly classify the characters in ACG (Anime, Comic, Game); followed by the role of some of the Japanese vision bands. MM (tragedy and malicious) band in the medieval aristocracy; there are some characters in the movie, such as Harry Potter; the most special is some alternative cosplay, from COS robots to cars, some celebrities COS also It is regarded as an alternative, because there are obvious marks of spoof. It can be seen from this that Cosplay contains a very broad space for play. It can even be said that as long as there is a cosplayer place, this field is definitely the mainstream of today's young people's popular culture.
    ?? Speaking of cosplay, but it has a long history. It can even be traced back to the ancient stage players. They wear special clothes and play the characters in mythology. This is similar to the modern cosplay spirit. The difference is only the occasions and characters of cosplay. The birthplace of modern animation cosplay should belong to the hometown of rice mouse -the United States. In the 1950s, the "Mouse Mouse" dress in Disneyland was the real ancestor of the Cosplayer all over the world. It can be said that Cosplay is used as a commercial promotional method that Cosplay itself can get great development and understanding.
    ?? Cosplay's development in China is based on Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not only did the earliest COSPLAY, but also the highest level in China now. In contrast, Cosplay appeared in the mainland, and it was not until the domestic exhibition in China in 1998 that there were some sporadic spontaneous personal cosplay shows. In August 2000, the first COSPLAY competition in mainland China was successfully held. In the following year, Huayi Company also opened the "Best COSPLAY Competition in 2001" with its huge influence on online games, with its huge influence in online games. At the same time, due to Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing's frequent launching exhibitions and fan exhibitions in recent years, Cosplay of today's mainland has a certain degree of scale.
    The characteristics and enthusiasts
    Cosplay, which is one of the most IN gameplay nowadays. The new favorite of young people can basically be converted into the self -entertainment and self -entertainment of young people: spontaneous, self -directed, self -performers, self -performed self -performers Capital, self -control ... If you don't know the meaning of this word now, embarrassed -it means that you are really a bit outdated.
    The silent performance is in progress ...
    four or five performers wearing black dragging robes came to the stage, without language, expressionless. Suddenly, one of the people in black pulled out a long sword and turned to pierce the people around him. Subsequently, several people quickly changed the formation, and some people fell one after another ... The scene was overwhelming, but the end of the audience sounded endless applause and screams.
    The section in the comic "Wuji" here, and this performance method is called cosplay. It is the new favorite of young people nowadays. Cosplay, maybe many people don't understand its meaning, even unheard of. However, it did not slow down its expansion because of people's neglect.
    cosplay, this entertainment circle
    cosplay also has its own circle. Many people in this circle call it pure entertainment circle. The only thing it is in the entertainment industry is that they are all acting in the acting drama to interpret their ideas. However, it is extremely pure. Super COS Lost Sky said that in this circle (it sounds a little bit of rivers and lakes), you will make many good friends. Everyone has interested and encouraged each other. Every time the cooperation is very happy. There are no intrigues here, and there are no interests.
    It psychedelic lighting, avant -garde shape, screaming for a long time ... All of these labels young and stylish labels for Cosplay. The reporter also took it for granted that these Coser was also seventeen or eight -year -old teenagers. In fact, according to Qiongtian, many of the many COSERs are also at the age of 30 to 40. Playing cos, age is not a problem, as long as you have a young heart. To play cosplay, the desire to perform is very strong. Another COS fans told reporters that he had an actor dream since he was a child. Although it is unlikely now, he can interpret his favorite comic characters through cosplay. It is also very interesting. There is a group of friends who are interested in.
    cosplay Getting Started
    Cosplay roughly can be divided into the following:
    ● Playing characters in ACG: ACG refers to Anime, Comic, Game.
    The example we use the famous game "Wonderland Legend" to give an example. Europe, the United States, Japan, and Chinese cosplay enthusiasts are all played, each with its own characteristics and feelings. The beauty of clothing is prominent, and the beautiful face is also the unevenness of the anime prototype; Japan is the originator of cosplay, and it cannot be said to be the length of others. Not professional enough. The overall quality needs to be further improved.
    ● Playing some members of the Japanese vision band: At present, the more popular band is MM (tragedy and malicious) band with medieval aristocratic style.
    ● Playing some characters in the movie: such as "Harry Potter" and "Ring Ring King".
    ● Alternative cosplay: From COS robots to cars.

  5. Cosplay is a role -playing.

    What is "role -playing"? The role -playing is to play and play, and it has nothing to do with the odd costumes such as fashion shows and fashion shows. In a broad sense, the role -playing refers to all changing behaviors, such as makeup dances, star imitation shows, etc., involving many different people. In the narrow sense, the role -playing is talking about a group of people who play their favorite characters to play. They all have something in common -anime Fans!
    This group of people, we all call them cosplayer. Their acting behavior is called cosplay.
    The say everyone will shake their heads? Yes, Cosplay has developed to this day, and the scope has been unknowingly expanded, and the definition has become a bit vague. However, it is very important that it is not that anime people cannot say Cosplay. If possible, there will be cosplay watching every day when you turn on the TV, and it is super professional!
    "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", "Peerless", "Journey to the West" ...
    Do you think you can use cosplay to summarize these?
    The cannot. Therefore, cosplay is a term only in the animation circle. Therefore, if you want to be a COS person, it is impossible not to watch anime. There are many ancient costumes on TV, and sometimes there are star imitation shows. Many people who are not anime Fans will participate. They can't be regarded as a cosplayer, but they are indeed role -players, which has nothing to do with their imitation similarity.
    yes, only anime people in cosplay.
    It photos in the forum asking everyone who is suitable for COS, you who are in the trend to participate in COS ... If it is not an anime Fans, you cannot be a coser. At best, it is an interim actor who runs a dragon.
    COS, definitely not trend.
    I did not use the concept of the above to separate people who do n’t have anime from the COS circle. I just want you to fall in love with anime because you see COS. Only if you fall in love with anime can you be happy with everyone.
    Recently, many friends can often see their big head stickers in the forum, and some photos that seem to be sailor, kimono, and dress. The title is "original cos". All of the changes on the earth.
    cosplay is a variable -based dressing based on the development of anime and games. On the surface, the characters are imitated from clothing, props, and makeup. Later, they gradually matured and refined. COS was largely divided into A · C · G (animation · comics · game) and Yineng COS (COS movie figures and stars). Some human type COS:
    ★ ACG COS -imitation behavior of the characters in anime or the game.
    ★ Yineng's cos —— Comparison of existing stars, including characters, stars, bands in movie stories.
    ★ Human -style COS —— Comparison with existing SD dolls, models, etc. ...
    This shows that COS is to play after the role of works in this world. Behavior. The above two types do not include the very hot Lolita, PUNK and other ways of dressing.
    The people who know COSPLAY are the most vulnerable to the most vulnerable. ~. ~
    If you are determined to play cosplay, please take the title of Coser seriously. Coser is not a star. When you are playing At that time, you are no different from normal people.
    do you think cosplay is a good opportunity to make a limelight. You can take a look at how rich you are, or how artistic talent, or naturally beautiful Women's voice is better. Because cosplay is the love of characters in a work, a fanatic way, not your tools.

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