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  1. On the morning of April 9, 2012, the new generation of Alibaba Cloud Smart Mobile Hornet W806 launched by Alibaba and mobile phone manufacturers officially opened pre -sale on Taobao, with a pre -sale price of 1499 yuan.
    Alibaba introduced that the reason why Tianyu W806 has the other name of "Hornets" is because it uses yellow as the main style. In terms of design, the rear cover of the W806 uses integrated design, which will provide colorful shell accessories to replace, and the battery power reaches 1800 mAh.
    It software, the Hornet is equipped with the Alibaba Cloud OS 2012 version, which has a simpler new version of the cloud market. In terms of hardware, W806 Hornets use NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual -core platform, and at the same time upgrade memory and screens to 1GB and 4.3 inches, respectively. On September 12, 2012, when more than 140 domestic and foreign countries were invited to the media to gather in Shanghai, and waiting to witness the first intimate show of Acer and Alibaba Cloud released Alibaba Cloud's mobile phone, drama -like accidents occurred. One hour before the press conference, Acer suddenly announced that the press conference was temporarily canceled, but rejected the reasons for the cancellation. Alibaba Cloud first jumped out and said that the reason why Acer canceled the A800 mobile phone based on the Alibaba Cloud operating system was due to pressure from Google. If Acer insisted on release, Google will cancel the authorization of Acer Android.
    On September 15, 2012, Google, who had been silent for two days, publicly confirmed that he opposed Acer's production of Alibaba Cloud and issued a statement on Google and Android official blogs, pointing out that Alibaba Yunyan derived from Android.
    The application of Android as a guide
    It industry insiders believe that from the current point of view, it is not possible to judge whether Alibaba Cloud is an independent system, or as Google said, or plagiarizing Android. But it is certain that Alibaba Cloud chose to compatible with Android applications that touched Google's interests.
    On April 15, 2013, Alibaba released a new Alibaba Cloud OS mobile phone operating system, and also announced the launch of 6 new smartphones with five domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Ali mobile phone announced that Alibaba Cloud's mobile phone operating system is free. Alibaba Cloud will increase its investment in application developers, and establish a set of sharing mechanisms with Ali Wireless and Alibaba Cloud Computing, which plans to invest 1 billion yuan within the year. At the same time, Ali plans to launch a series of zero -dollar purchase plans. Relying on Ali's credit system, as long as users who have a certain consumption record on Taobao can achieve zero yuan purchase.
    In April 15, 2013, Ali's mobile phone system announced the latest business strategy, announcing that it will establish a terminal mobile phone manufacturer, operator, hardware manufacturer, and design company through platforms, open methods, and mobile phone operating systems. New ecosystem of developers.
    The same day, the cloud mobile phone channel officially appeared on Taobao, all smartphones equipped with Ali mobile phone operating systems will be sold on this platform.
    It is reported that the new version of the Ali mobile phone system has improved the interface, becoming more "concise and refreshing". On the same day, Ali also announced 6 mobile phone manufacturers of Zhuopu, Xia Xin, Kujia, Konka, and Pepper.
    In fact, the release of Ali mobile phone system is also an important part of the Wireless strategy of Alibaba Group. The operating system of the smartphone is on the upper end of the entire industrial chain. Only when there is a real operating system can there be enough right to speak and more commercial potential. This is also the main reason for Ali to insist on making the operating system.
    . Another sign that the operating system is recognized by the market is the richness of the application software. To this end, Ali mobile phones announced that it will increase the investment in application developers in the year with Ali Wireless and Alibaba Cloud Computing to help applied developers establish a benign division mechanism. It is planned to invest a total of 1 billion yuan during the year.
    In addition, for the terminal mobile phone manufacturers equipped with Ali mobile phone operating system, Ali mobile phone will provide a moisturizing mode. In 2013, at least the ability of each mobile phone to make a monthly profit of 1 yuan per month. Raise to 2 yuan. This will be expected to be a new profit point for terminal manufacturers.
    If according to Ali, the divided profit comes from four aspects, namely the sales income of the game's joint transportation income, hardware and virtual products, reading and music video charging income, and software sharing income. At the same time, Ali mobile phones will also combine terminal mobile phone manufacturers and communication operators to launch a zero -yuan purchase project in the near future. As long as users who have a certain consumer record on Taobao, they can pay a small contract for a contract with a contract to enjoy free terminals and telecommunications operators.
    CEO Liu Zhijun, CEO of Xia Xin Technology, revealed that the reason why he is willing to adopt the Ali system, in addition to Ali's operating system and Alibaba Cloud, have a good experience, Taobao's channel ability is also the reason why Xia Xin values.
    Liu Zhijun said that in the summer of 2012, the new one equipped with Ali's systems had a sales of millions of units, and in 2013, I hope that this number will double.
    The short -term results of Alibaba Cloud mobile phones
    As early as July 2011, the rumors of Ali's first mobile phone carrying cloud OSV2.2 began to circulate. By April 2012, Alibaba Cloud 2nd generation The mobile phone is also drawn up to the pre -sale price, and it will be officially released after a few months. But in September, the cancellation of the Ali mobile phone conference and the Google statement, Alibaba Cloud's mobile phone fell into a mud pit and gradually faded out of people's attention. It was not until the opening of the lunar calendar in 2013 that Ali mobile phones united the second -line mobile phone manufacturers to re -open the production and development channels of Alibaba Cloud mobile phones, and tried to open a new situation with new business ideas.
    But after half a year, Ali's Alibaba Cloud Mobile has not been able to make a greater response in the market except for the publicity of the audience in the market for a short time. According to data from the Baidu Index, Ali mobile phones and Ali Cloud mobile phones received fierce attention from netizens on April 21, 2013, and the attention was stable after the straight line dropped, and it was maintained with Baidu Index with a Baidu index of about 100 and 400 below 400. This is obviously not in line with the degree of attention to open the situation in the market.

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