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  1. On September 17th, the 2020 Yunqi Conference, Alibaba released the first cloud computer -a shadow, this is a "super computer" that grows on the cloud. In the center.
    On how to log in to the cloud computer? Fingerprint ID!
    only your fingerprint ID is in line with the identity of the owner of the cloud computer. You can start your cloud computer desktop to connect a C-Key-sized C-Key on the TV, computer screen and other display screens.
    The computer on the market now, the 8 -core CPU has reached its peak, and 16G memory runs very smoothly. However, this cannot be compared with Yun Ying. In terms of concept, all programs are running in the clouds. No shadow cloud computer is unlimited expansion, 104 -core CPU and 1.5T memory are not stress -free, and high performance needs such as animation rendering are under pressure.
    of course, it is even more invincible. After a few years of traditional computers, it is changed to continuously meet the greater file operation, but cloud shadows do not need it, because all hardware is intelligently upgraded in the cloud, as long as your fingerprints are in your fingerprint, as long as your fingerprints ID is where your computer can't be lost, and you are not afraid of virus attacks. The reason is also simple: the hacker who can break through the Alibaba Cloud Safety System in this world has not been born!
    of course, what makes people even more exciting is that no shadow supports the configuration performance on demand, and the price is half of the traditional PC under the same performance.
    From now on, you can throw away the computer!
    How is Alibaba Cloud's imagination?
    At the end of August this year, after Alibaba released the Q1 financial report of 2020, Goldman Sachs raised Alibaba Cloud's instant valuation directly from $ 93 billion to $ 123.8 billion. In just one month, Alibaba Cloud rose 300 out of 300 For 100 million US dollars, an average of $ 1 billion in a day!
    What does this mean? Based on an increase of $ 1 billion per day, Alibaba Cloud's latest real -time valuation is at least 140 billion US dollars!
    The so -called Chao fungus does not know obscurity and I do n’t know the spring and autumn. Many people who are the same as me have no concept of $ 123.8 billion.
    This, do we all know, do you all know, right? This is a giant company that has achieved absolute monopoly in the Chinese travel market. So what is the current valuation of Didi? $ 56 billion! Less than one -half of Alibaba Cloud!
    The unicorn JD Division of JD.com, which has just revealed to be the upcoming IPO. The current valuation is 200 billion yuan, less than a quarter of Alibaba Cloud.
    This that supports Alibaba Cloud is not others, but itself!
    Alibaba's financial report shows that in the first half of 2020, Alibaba Cloud's revenue reached 24.562 billion, a year -on -year growth rate of 59%, which has become Alibaba's new growth point; and 4 years ago, Alibaba Cloud's same period of the same period was the same period ago. Revenue is only 2.309 billion!
    does not exaggerate, except for Taobao, Tmall, and Ant Group that has been independent, all of Alibaba's business is now the hardest core.
    The Cloud Computing, globally, the advocate of the concept of cloud computing is Google CEO Eric Schmidt, which is in 2006; the first cloud computing application is the first; The commercialization is IBM, but with the development of time, the pioneer IBM of cloud computing at that time was almost unknown today, and the most successful commercialization of cloud computing was Amazon's AWS.
    In 2009, after Wang Jian entered Ali, he had a historic conversation with Ma Yun. Wang Jian's intention was: If you don't pay attention to technology, it will be revolutionized by the technological revolution.
    He also "scared" Ma Yun with a serious face: Other companies can do not do cloud computing, but Alibaba must do cloud computing, otherwise he may hang up in the future!
    Yy Yun was panicked when he heard it: How can this, Alibaba ran for 102 years! So although he couldn't hear what the cloud computing that Wang Jian said at the time, he had determined that the cloud computing must be done.
    It, in 2009, Wang Jian successfully flickered Ma Yun to hatch Alibaba Cloud from the e -commerce business.
    The discussion on cloud computing in the 2010 BAT three big bosses in 2010 has been often mentioned and evidence of the "face" Ma Li. Wang Jian himself has no bottom in the cloud computing.
    Why do Wang Jian do Alibaba Cloud? In the big name, for international companies such as Alibaba, if core technologies such as their databases have been in the hands of foreign companies, this is even pants for a Internet company.
    of course, the most direct pain for Alibaba is: the prison cannot escape the self -built machine room.
    The self -built computer room is not as simple as pulling a house. Instead, it is necessary to provide stable electricity, buy IT equipment, and install the constant temperature and humidity regulating machine, and because the intermediate involves administrative approval, the construction period will be more than one year or more for one year. Essence
    Then one day, the virtualization technology comes. Each computer can virtue of several computers, and it can also install different operating systems. These are what cloud computing is to do.
    In Double 11 in 2019, Ali achieved epic migration, and moved all the core systems to the public cloud. It also proved how the wealth left by "Liar Wang Jian" 10 years ago was the valuable!
    With the progress of society and the development of technology, Alibaba Cloud also found a new direction, using the president of Alibaba Cloud Smart Zhang Jianfeng.
    First, make a deep foundation. The roots of the flying operating system that can withstand the most large volume of transactions in the world extends downward, so from this root system, these years have continuously extended hardware such as Shenlong server, light -containing 800AI chip -recently, Huawei has disconnected the collective counterattack of the Japanese chip stocks, Among them, it is reported that Ali has entered the game low -key and releases the signal of the bottom!
    Secondly, do the middle and Taiwan. It is mainly to integrate the nails with 300 million users with Alibaba Cloud to achieve cloud nails: nailing is like a new type of operating system, "Alibaba Cloud Ding Nail" is like "PC Windows". We know that the growth of users during the epidemic is more than any period of history, and many people are guessing how long this situation can last. After the resumption of work, the scale of active users of Dingxin is still growing. This shows that as the habit of sending red envelopes on WeChat at that time, the future work and learning methods are also nailing.
    and strong ecology. It is to plant the SaaS service on the cloud. This is a giant to a shuddering business market, and it is also a very challenging imagination space.
    In the latest global cloud market rankings, the top four are Amazon, Microsoft, Ali and Google, respectively, with the global proportion of 45%, 17.9%, Ali 9.1%, and 5.3% -the global cloud computing market market. The king is still Amazon, and Alibaba Cloud's huge advantage in the entire Asia -Pacific region still cannot shake.
    It is not difficult to see from this latest ranking, Alibaba Cloud's three -year -old position has been further consolidated.
    The reason is that after the epidemic in the second quarter, many Chinese companies accelerated the speed of Shangyun. In the first half of this year, Chinese companies' spending on cloud services reached 4.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 70%over the same period last year.
    But unfortunately, the top five cloud manufacturers in the world are China, only the Alibaba Cloud family is from China, and the others are from the United States.
    It, Alibaba Cloud is still defending the admission voucher of China to the World Cloud Calculation with a power!
    The recently, Alibaba Cloud announced that it will invest more than 200 billion in the next three years. It is used for the development of major core technologies such as cloud operation systems, servers, chips, and networks.
    The latest research results such as the Dharma Council XG Lab and Pingtou will be the first to be applied to the next generation of data centers in Alibaba Cloud. At the same time, core self -developed technologies such as Feitian Cloud operating system, light 800 chip, Shenlong server, self -developed cloud switch, high -performance low -delay network, large computing system cluster, etc. will also be deployed on a large -scale deployment of cloud data centers.
    This is not only a big game of Alibaba Cloud, but also a unique game of the global cloud computing industry!
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