4 thoughts on “What did the US FBI Information Management official Twitter, and why caused public anger?”

  1. The official Twitter of the US FBI Information Management Department issued a title of "Protocol of Elder Zion". "Protocol of Elder Zion" is a book of anti -Jewish pamphlets published in 1903. This booklet has a vicious wording and is very unfriendly to the Jews. He praised Hitler, who was anti -Jewish and created a large number of Jewish tragedies.
    For a while, group feelings are angry! Some people even think that through this tweet, it can be seen that the FBI recognizes this anti -Semitic speech. The official Twitter of the US FBI Information Management Department can see and forward it. A government's public management department, which made such remarks with the world's public opinion, was incredible. Some netizens believe that this is the FBI that it is revealing that it is the right -wing hatred organization.
    The official Twitter of the FBI Information Management Department seems to be promoting the promotion of the "Protocol of Elder Zion". After a few hours of the tweet, the FBI issued a statement saying: This Twitter was released through the "automatic program".
    The "Protocol" describes the plans of Jewish conspiracy to seize the world. This book that has been published for more than 100 years has been maliciously interpreted by the organization of many hatreds. Even the world -famous "911 incidents", "Masters", "currency war", "Kennedy assassination cases", etc., are considered to be related to Jewish conspiracy theories. So what is the meaning of the "Protocol", what does it mean? Seeed by some hate Jews, they had to play with the topic and even brewed some incidents.
    The memory of the world's evil deeds for Hitler slaughter Jews! The FBI of the United States, an important institution of a national government, has issued suspected recognition of the "Protocol" and the tweets that recognize the theory of Jewish conspiracy. If this is intentional, it will not make people not angry! Perhaps some of the individuals who are hated Jewish will even blame the new crown epidemic in the world today on the Jewish conspiracy theory, which is terrible! People all over the world do not want history to repeat itself!

  2. Twitter published a small book of anti -Jewish. This book is very unfriendly to the Jews. The official remarks from the world's public opinion make everyone angry.

  3. Send a title of a booklet. Because there are a lot of comments in this booklet, there are many hate Jews, which aroused the anger of public opinion.

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