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  1. Promoting Tax Policy for Free Trade Zone: Follow -up tariffs on foreign commodities are free to enter and exit.

    The free trade zone refers to a more favorable trade arrangement in terms of trade and investment than the relevant provisions of the World Trade Organization; in addition to the relevant regions of the sovereign state or region Tariffs come in and out freely. In essence, the tariff isolation area of ​​free port policy. The narrow sense only refers to the areas where the import exemption tariffs such as raw materials such as processing exports in the area are provided, similar to the export processing area. The general sense also includes the free port and the re -export trade zone.

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  2. Small and micro enterprises
    The establishment of the free trade zone will inevitably drive the development of small and medium -sized enterprises. According to the Municipal State Taxation Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have issued relevant policies to help the development of small and micro enterprises.
    M small -scale taxpayer (including individual industrial and commercial households) with a monthly sales of not more than 30,000 yuan (a quarterly tax does not exceed 90,000 yuan), and the value -added tax is temporarily exempted.
    The small -ized enterprises that meet the conditions will be levied at the 20%tax rate for corporate income tax. From October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017, a small micro -profit enterprise comply with the eligible taxable income of annual taxable taxes of less than 300,000 yuan (inclusive) will be included in the taxable income of 50%. Income tax is levied at a 20%tax rate.
    Personal entrepreneurial
    The retired soldiers and eligible unemployed people engaged in individual operations. Within 3 years, 9600 yuan per household deducting the actual value -added tax, urban maintenance and construction tax of the year in order , Education additional, local education additional and personal income tax.
    Enterprise recruitment
    The enterprise entity in the free trade zone, the newly recruited unemployed personnel and signed a labor contract for more than 1 year to pay social insurance costs. People pay 5,200 yuan per year to deduct the value -added tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, educational surcharges, local education additional and corporate income taxes that actually paid.
    The recruitment of eligible retired soldiers can deduct the above taxes and fees in turn according to the quota of 6,000 yuan per person per year.
    In consumer shopping
    The import car sales as an example. 10,000 yuan. After the establishment of a free trade zone, the sales price of the above vehicles is expected to decrease by 15%to 30%, which may drop to between 700 and 85,000 yuan. The value -added tax and car purchase tax needed for payment are 101,700 yuan, respectively. Between the yuan and 72,600 yuan.
    For consumers, the price of vehicle purchase is reduced by 15-300,000 yuan, and the tax burden is reduced by 3.51 to 69,200 yuan.

  3. When it comes to the virtual address of the free trade zone company, it is necessary to say that the company's advantageous policy registered in the free trade zone:
    1. The investment industry restricts relaxation. Forbidden to enter, all laws and regulations are not prohibited, they are listed as open. Many industries restricted in non -free trade zone can invest and register here, which is good for many industries and related industries.
    2. Reform and innovation in the financial field: (1) Marketization of financial market interest rates, marketization of exchange rates, and financial market product innovation; Capital and foreign capital are fully open; (4) allow some Chinese banks to engage in offshore business.
    3. Tax discounts: (1) In the encouragement category, the income tax is reduced by 15%; (2) the export tax refund policy is improved.
    4. In the field of trade: (1) The implementation of zero tariffs, the flow of enterprises with free trade zones and overseas goods adopt transaction zero tariffs; (2) the first line is gradually liberalized, the second -tier is safe and efficient, and the free flow of goods in the area ; The so -called "front line" refers to the national border, and the "second line" refers to the domestic market dividing line, that is, the spatial boundary line of the free trade zone. (3) Simplify the customs clearance system and procedures, innovate supervision models, focus on the supervision of the front -line supervision on the supervision of people, and the port unit can only do the necessary inspection and quarantine. In particular , Category, electronic supervision mode.
    . The Shanghai Free Trade Zone submitted materials
    1, shareholders and legal person representatives.
    2, the company name is at least 5.
    3, the company's business scope or main project.
    4, the company's registered capital, the proportion of shareholders' capital contribution and the capital period.
    5, registered address house lease contract, lease agreement (Enterprise Hao provided a registered address).
    6, financial personnel information.
    . The process of registered company registration company in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone
    Melect the company name registration inquiry.
    In the preparation of registered materials, such as certificate photos, special project approval, corporate articles of association, etc.
    The business license (three certificates).
    engraved chapters.
    The enterprise account.
    Sub -purchase invoices and other follow -up
    Remarks: Shanghai Registered Company can apply for an enterprise naming name (results within 1 working day) on the government affairs platform of Shanghai Yicong. The government issued a list of materials, which can submit a bank with basic accounts online. The customer manager can make an appointment. After receiving the materials, the new enterprise can provide a nuclear tax on the Shanghai Tax Hall.

  4. I. Preferential policies:
    1, registered capital requirements: there is no requirement for registered funds, you can do not need to be in place;
    2, registered enterprises return taxes: (first and second year: value -added tax return 16.25%; Enterprise income tax returns 20%; business tax returns: 32%; personal income tax returns 20%; after the subsequent half of the collection, I can operate in the registration of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone)
    3, Trade in the re -export area: imported goods can not be paid first without tariffs first (When the cargo leaves the free trade zone before paying it), the transfer trade may not be paid for tariffs, the goods are advanced, and the customs clearance procedures are replaced;
    4. ) Both are allowed to be stored or displayed without life, and the customs do not levy any supervision costs;
    5, currency: currency can be freely exchanged, no exchange of exchange for foreign exchange, reducing the difference in exchange rates, simple and convenient;
    6, currency can be freely planned freely Turn: (In the past, money to foreign/internal procedures was very complicated. It took about a month. Now the bank of the free trade zone can be handled on the spot, and the account will be available immediately);
    7, corporate image: registered in the free trade zone They are all large enterprises, so the image of the enterprise is very good;
    8. The free trade zone has two tax policies for investment companies: the free trade zone involves seven tax policies. Among them, the two policies to promote investment are: one is the company or individual shareholders registered in the test area. The value -added part of the asset assessment due to non -monetary assets and asset reorganizations can be staged in less than 5 years. Income tax is paid, referred to as "non -monetary asset investment policy". Second, the enterprises in the pilot area will give the enterprise high -end talents and the reward of the company's high -end talents and scarce talents in the form of equity or rental ratio. n Remarks: Now the policy of the free trade zone is still experimenting and summarizing, and the promotion of the policy orientation needs to be introduced.

  5. Register the company to Hainan to enjoy all good policies in Hainan. After the establishment of Hainan Free Trade Port, some corporate income tax and individual tax have fallen to 15%.

    zero tariffs -taxation system arrangements that promote freedom of trade
    "Zero Tariffs" are the systemic arrangements of the basic characteristics.

    The is an island before the operation of the entire island, exempt some imported goods, exempt import tariffs, value -added tax and consumption tax on imports; , Allow goods imported from Hainan Free Trade Port to exempt import tariffs.

    1. Freshly let go

    The set up "front line"

    between the Hainan Free Trade Port and the People's Republic of China (1) Formulate the list of goods and items that restrict imports and exports to the Hainan Free Trade Port;

    (2) The goods and items outside the list are free to enter and exit, and the customs will supervise according to law. Tax product catalogs, the goods outside the directory enter the free trade port for import tariffs; (negative list)

    (3) Transfer goods that are paid by the joint bill of lading are not taxed or inspected;

    The goods and items from Hainan Free Trade Port Management are managed by exports. Note: prohibit, restrict import and export, import taxation goods, exemption of import tariffs

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