5 thoughts on “Is arbitrage be deceiving?”

  1. To some extent, arbitrage exists, not deceiving. The premise is that there are opportunities for arbitrage, and the operator itself has technology and ability. The basic principle of arbitrage is the existence difference, that is, the so -called low buying and selling.
    types of arbitrage:

    1. Sort -term arbitrage is the most common one in arbitrage transactions. The benefits can be divided into two forms: bull market arbitrage and bear market arbitrage.
    2. Cross -market arbitrage is a arbitrage trading behavior between different exchanges. When the same futures commodity contract is traded on two or more exchanges, due to the geographical differences between regions, there is a certain price difference between various product contracts.
    3. Cross -commodity arbitrage refers to the use of two different, but the spreads between but related products for transactions.
    4. Fund's investment operation can be divided into three levels: large -class asset allocation, industry asset allocation, and individual stock selection. This is one of the basis for understanding fund investment operation and predicting its future performance trends.

  2. One kind of thing is reasonable. Many people have ulterior motives. Set some gimmicks to flickering Xiaobai who has just started, causing them to lose a lot of Qian, but Xiaobai likes to listen to some tall words and will be fooled. Now I will give you it. What issues should I pay attention to when talking about Xiaobai?
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    Irds to go home happily.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, welcome to Baidu Consultation Platform. I have seen the questions you consulted, please wait patiently. I will check it right away and answer it for you ~ nHello, there is no lunch for nothing in the world. If the income is far more than the bank's wealth management income, it is definitely the money that scammers want to lie to you.nDon't be fooled. At that time, the money did not make money, but lost a lot of money by yourself.nAsk the money to invest in the money, do I mean illegal?nOf course, the answer is illegalnThey are all scams, and they may finally take over.nAsk what you mean is undercovernAnswer if you use various platform arbitrage, you may go to the police station in the near future.nI mean that you think that it is not so good to use money arbitrage, unless you loosen us in high loans.nThe question is mainly that we are just investors, and we do not operate eithernThere are dividends every day, to the company's 30 % interestnAnswer you invest in stocks or somethingnQuestion should be a bottlenAnswer it is a scam.nThirty percent is so good, I will go toonAsk, I just got in and wanted to learn about itnAnswer suggest that you return the money and take out the money earlynBe careful that the money you save is not left to be deceived.nMore 16nBleak

  4. Many private platforms, do not vote for this, more than 99 percent deception! Have money to earn, give you a chance, don't think about it!

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