How to use the network monitoring software to monitor the actual local area network in the virtual machine?

4 thoughts on “How to use the network monitoring software to monitor the actual local area network in the virtual machine?”

  1. I remember that I did this before:
    The network settings to the bridge, AnyView's working mode is set to bypass mode (remembering it seems to be in the option-working mode), and then other hosts can be detected in AnyView in the virtual machine. The traffic is.

  2. I will introduce you a good monitoring software to

    . As far as I know, most domestic companies now use the "Internet Young Dog" monitoring software. It can easily implement QQ and MSN Chat content monitoring, Internet record monitoring, content monitoring of receiving email, screen monitoring desktop monitoring, etc., can also filter the blacklist of the URL, prohibit the operation of game entertainment software, manage the use of mobile hard disk U disk drive, break through the restrictions and control of various ARP firewalls The network speed and traffic of any machine in the network. Essence Essence Monitoring is so simple, the management network is so easy. It can be said that it is currently the most professional and simplest network management software in China! Intersection

    If you want to know more, you can go to Baidu to search for the "Internet You Dog Official Website".

  3. Well, that online dog is really good, our company has been using it for several years, and its functions are very powerful and practical!

  4. You need to set up a working mode, but there are differences in virtual machines to toys and physical machines. AnyView is a software with a underlying -driven nature. It is completely different from high -level free interfaces such as WinPCAP. The driver -type software is unavailable. In the reason, many drivers are automatically prohibited in the same sense of security mode; AnyView (Internet police) is the best in driving;

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