4 thoughts on “The peppercorns handheld ID photo withdrawal, is there any danger? It has been done”

  1. In the past two days, the answers have accumulated more than sixty. When I wanted to get withdrawal, I found that I had to hold my ID card and give up decisively! This thing was leaked, and someone else had a small mobile phone number. If you handled loans or credit cards, it would be big. Greed up and cheap to eat a big loss. Garbage pepper, millions of heroes! Perform motivation! I said that a dare to play coins for breaking the live broadcast, the reason is here. If you don't withdraw, I don't pay. If you withdraw, I have a big move!

  2. Hello, original poster! ~
    Tere through the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the withdrawal of the withdrawal, as long as you have the following points, you can operate the withdrawal: installing a digital certificate, mobile phone binding, and a bank card of any one (note that the bank card account name must be required It can be withdrawn from the account name of your Tenpay). I have been operating like this.
    I wish you a happy withdrawal! ~
    The answer.

  3. This depends on whether you have any other financial path
    , if there is only such a salary
    , there is no chance to save money.

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