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  1. 1. 01: Mechanical currency: suffering from a large area of ​​pollution or rust; ancient money: add rust after artificially;
    , 02: excessive cleaning, partial corrosion;
    , 03: modified; r; r; r; r; r;
    4. 04: Filling fake rust in the ancient coins;
    5, 05: Unemployment of rupture or damage;
    6, 06: severe scraping and bumps;
    7. 07: Casting defects;
    8, 08: Various positions, overlapping, positive and negative printing errors;
    9, 09: Predeming.
    coin ratings are the process of teamwork. There are at least three professional experts in each currency to identify this. NGC uses the digital scoring standard of Shelton 1-70 international certification, with a full score of 70 points and a lowest point of 1 point. When judging the level of money, the problem that I can't see the naked eye scan on the computer. The computer has cutting -edge technologies such as the best program and microscope. If you invest in coins, you can see all the problems. Currency cutting, issuance currency and chromaton currency are inseparable from computer analyzers.
    The advantages of rating currency
    1. Insurance: Buying fake currency is a painful thing; directly buying rating coins is the safest and most secure choice, because fake coins cannot be put in the rating box. If the rating company puts a counterfeit currency into a box, the company will repay the current market price of the money with the same cash or another currency; Scratching, if you put it in the box, there is a very hard appearance to protect the currency. The coins are difficult to damage;
    3. Quickness: NGC's credit rating and price have been announced nationwide. Trading and seller's transactions will also be very assured, and the transaction will become fast;
    4. The value of the coin accurately: the auction company has several coins auction each year. Money boxes, scores and grades, you can know the value of coins collected in your hand.

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