1 thought on “YCC365Plus can't hear the sound, what's the matter”

  1. The reasons and treatment methods of the sound cannot be heard.
    The reason for the sound of no sound
    first link our camera to the power supply, the camera will automatically rotate, and then you will hear the voice prompts added by the device in the camera. You can see that there is a TF card under the camera. The card slot and reset button.
    This monitoring software that we have installed, entering the account login, will jump out of a permissions menu, click to allow, select "Unlimited" in the background configuration, and click " " in the upper right corner after entering the interface.
    The method of processing the sound
    Plipped to the adding device interface, click the option of "Smart Camera".
    After entering the next interface, we will see the three different ways of adding the device. We choose the first "Device Scan Code Add".
    The positioning permissions of the "Link Network" mobile phone must choose to allow the interface that allows to jump to the link wifi, and it will automatically match the specific details of the mobile phone's link Essence
    The mobile phone interface will produce a QR code. Use the camera to reflect the mobile phone screen scan the code around 10 cm. After hearing the two sounds, the camera scan the code successfully. Click on the mobile phone menu.
    During the link of the mobile phone, the camera will emit the voice prompt of "link", and we can wait to add it.
    In the process of adding the software during the adding camera, you can choose "Go to the Open" or "X", but do not choose "Give up the discount". The camera is automatically installed and successfully installed. Select the corresponding device name.
    In the camera successfully, we click the setting of the monitoring software to select the option to be adapted.

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