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  1. Tongsheng film and television is very good. This company can help customers shoot short videos quickly to achieve the ideal publicity effect.

  2. Short video show operations are all professional short video marketing and operation team companies, which directly provide merchant companies with some overall operations, content planning, video shooting, copywriting and production, account management and other system services to help merchants reduce them. Short video operating costs, providing marketing efficiency, and increasing more profits. So how does short video express operation be quoted?

    1, how does short video express operation generally offer?

    In terms of teams, there are a lot of things they have to do. From the starting schemes to the subsequent video, to the later video editing and release, the entire process is very complicated and tedious. Although the short video looks very simple, it takes a lot of time and energy to truly operate a corporate number and it is better to operate. Therefore, this price is generally not fixed.

    2. Seeing what the operation can bring to customers

    It people may not understand it. If I spend 5,000 yuan to find a short video agency operation team, it can make If your Douyin fan rises to tens of thousands, is you willing? This is very obvious, you must be willing. For another example, a company needs to promote a product. After the operation of short videos, you will feel that it takes more money than you to ask a marketing person to promote it. Order. So you generally accept the operation quotation of short video expressions. rnrn3、选择代运营机构的注意事项rnrn不过,我们需要小心的是,有一些短视频代运营报价非常低,看上去非常划得来,但是他们的The operation is not professional, and you can't achieve the effect of your expected effect at all. After comparing the costs you pay may be drifted. This is not more serious. The more serious thing is that if you miss the better marketing opportunity, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, when we are looking for an operation company, do not blindly find those companies with very low quotations, but to be careful and seriously looking for experienced companies. Number operation effect.

  3. Because the short video is at the time of the times, various traditional media agencies have also followed the short video business, but many of these transformed institutions are not professional. They do not understand the tone of short video content. Editing and making beautiful videos can be made. I do n’t know the importance of the short video content, which stays at the technical level;
    M many customers think that it is not a 1 -minute short video? Why is the charge so expensive? As everyone knows, a short video with communication is important. The important thing is the planning of content. The large investment cost is also planned. The company also needs to make a profit, so the average quotation of each short video on the market will basically be more than 2,000 yuan to induce customers at low prices. Do you think they will invest in the content to make good content?
    The strong company, its official website must look professional, a official website that does not flow, do you think you can expect him to make a good short video content for you?
    It Shenzhen professional short video operations, you can find it. After all, it is focused on the operation of short video fields, which is more focused and professional. Their charges are medium. Within a reasonable range, there is a good saying, cheap things, only the one you give the money is happy. When you use it, you are not happy for a second. At the moment of giving money, you are distressed. When you use it, you are all happy, how do you choose?
    technology is a new media company dedicated to the operation of DY short video, focusing on short video customization, short video advertising customization, and short video diagnostic services. The company has a wealth of short video platform operation experience and can provide customers with one -stop service. Now short videos are the air outage period. If companies want to do better in the future marketing center, they need to deploy short video fields. This will be a fierce battlefield in the future. The battlefield in advance is to better familiarize the position. Sealing a favorable terrain is to seize a good market.

  4. With the arrival of the 5G era, the content of the transmission through short videos will become the mainstream. Short videos have occupied a lot of users, and the layout of short videos has also become the standard for the enterprise.
    Since many companies have no experience in the production process of short videos and even know nothing, the cost of operating short videos will be very large, and it will consume too much time. Birth, one -stop helping companies solve the problem of short videos.
    So, how do companies choose a reliable Douyin operating company? Next, New Mailan will help you analyze from the following dimensions, enjoy ~
    The company
    It because the short video is at the time of the times, various traditional cultural media institutions have also transformed into short video operations, but many of these transformed media institutions are not professional, and short videos are only. It is a small module in their business.
    as their awareness of short videos is more of a traditional commercial short video and promotional videos. There is no in -depth understanding of the tone of the Internet short video content. Beautiful and picture -sensitive videos can be used. I do n’t know the importance of short video content, just staying at the technical level.
    Therefore, find companies focusing on the Internet in the field of Internet short video, and companies that have experience in short video content planning will be more reliable.
    . Seeing the quotation
    During the process of looking for our new wheat blue for short video operation, many customers will also ask, isn't it just 1 minute of short videos? Why is the charge so expensive? I do n’t know if you know it. A short video with communication, the most important thing is the planning of content. The biggest input cost is also the planning of content. Secondly, the actor's expressiveness and the sense of lens have certain requirements. Finally, the shooting and editing.
    The good script content, the price is at least 800 yuan , the actor is 600 yuan (high -quality experts will be more expensive), shooting and editing 600 yuan , from content planning, actor, shooting, editing, overall cost, the overall cost It will not be less than 2,000 yuan, and the operating company needs to make a profit?
    So the average price of each short video on the market will basically be more than 2,000 yuan. Do you put your energy on the content? Will they make good content videos?
    has a saying good, cheap things, only the minute you give money is happy. When you use it The second is happy. At the moment of giving money, you are distressed. When you use it, you are happy every day. How do you choose?
    . Look at the case of successful success in the past
    Talking, successful cases can reduce our more risks. Of course, it is not that companies without cases are unable to have the ability, but choosing an operation company with successful cases can reduce everyone's more screening costs.
    . Seeing KPI promises
    The video results are good or not, the data will not lie, and the company that dares to promise the KPI indicator must be a powerful company, such as how much exposure to the promise and the amount of fan volume.
    is not reliable for companies that do not promise the conversion rate? Of course not, maybe many videos, you need to go through a time of precipitation at the beginning, you can see the effect as soon as possible, but the acting company needs Survival requires cash flow, so it is understandable that it is impossible to bear risks with the customer company.
    . See the production plan
    Before cooperation, you can let the operating company come out of a general plan (of course, some in order to prevent the customer set plan, before the cooperation, there is no detailed solution), the plan, the plan Is the idea clear enough, whether it can make an in -depth thinking from various dimensions, whether there is a clear methodology for the industry and the positioning of the product, and so on. From the planning of the plan, it can also be one of the ways to evaluate the company's strength.
    6. Looking at the official website of the company
    A powerful company, its official website must seem to be professional. Open the official website to know the content they conveyed, the information is simple and clear. The official website is also the company's products. The official website is not in place. A non -inflow official website, a messy official website, can you expect them to make good short video content?

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