Where is Jinan Dog City?

It's best to get closer to Jinan University! How to get from Jinan University? It's best to be a bigger dog market ~

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  1. There are two dog markets I know: one is the "Bai Ning Aquarium Pet Market" between Daming Lake and Wulongtan (probably called this name, which sells fish and cats and dogs). The impressive buses are 41, K91, and 66 (if you are at Jida Dong School, you can take Route 66 to the southwest gate of Daming Lake, and you can see it when you get out of the car; if you are in Jida West West School, you can go back to the car. I do n’t change how many cars there are there. You can check on the Baidu map to change to the route). Another market is on the other side of Fenghuang Mountain. There is no bus. If you are not familiar with Jinan, it is not recommended to go there because it is not easy to find. I hope my answer can help you 🙂

  2. There are many on Fenghuangshan Road, especially the weekend, but now the National Games are very strict and sell less. You can go to see the weekend. Sitting off at 66, 30, 12, 4, 5, 112, get off at North Village, Workers' New Village, and you can see it eastward, especially under the railway bridge. Simon also sells it, but Ximen is in Quancheng Square, and now it will definitely not be sold. If you take a car, you can do it.

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