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  1. Introduction: Many people want to have a cute dog who sells cute and rogue, but after all, most of us belong to the "novice" ranks. It is easy to confused when the dog is selected. Let me tell you some precautions for choosing dogs to reduce the probability of mistakes.
    . Thoughts are prepared
    The types of dogs have many types of dogs, their size is different, different uses, and different living habits. Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to determine according to the actual situation of the family and personal hobbies. It is necessary to clarify the purpose of raising dogs, watch the door, hunt, play, partner, or have both. According to the size of the house and the venue of the dog, decide to buy large or small and small dogs. If you are a child, you can choose a small and small dogs, such as Beijing dogs, Jingba dogs, and Chihuahua dogs. For the elderly, you can choose a mild partner dog, such as poodles, Malta, Kaka dogs, Pike dogs, etc., which can be used to play and hunt. Xi Shi dogs, small lion dogs are smart, bold and vigilant, which can be used for rewards and protection.
    . Choose the character of the dog to choose the most suitable
    1. [varieties that like sticking people] Bomei, Sherry, Japanese sharp mouth, Chihuahua, butterflies, and bear. Like, suitable, if you like you. Dogs stick to you and coquettish you, then this is a good choice.
    2. [Friendly varieties] St. Bernard, Beijing -Pakistan, Bie Bear, Mini VIPs, Labrador, Samoyed, Su Mu, Golden Retriever are friendly. Actions and thinking, accompany you at all times according to your mood!
    3. [good at home varieties] silk hair stalks, US Kaka, Akita, bullfighting, standard short hairy sausage, Baggidu, These actions are calm, but it does not seem clumsy. Mild temperament will not be urgent or shy. There are endurance of working in the wilderness for a long time, and they are very invested.
    . [Easy -to -train varieties] West Highland White Sircolius, Bomei, Santa Bernab, Australian Mu, Rowa, the owners who want to cultivate unique talents or listen to orders are very Suitable, they can fully understand your instructions and are suitable for some training.
    5. [There are others] Like Husky and so on, they are all very popular, this will not be listed one by one (here is a number of omitted hahaha)!

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