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  1. If a dog who just picks up home, you must do a basic medical examination. If it is an old dog, there are more items that need to be checked.
    Dogs and dog basic medical examination:
    Plords for blood (evaluate the overall health state)
    The virus infectious disease testing, such as canine plague virus antigen, canine small virus antigen (detection of common viruses of dogs virus virus Sexual infectious diseases)
    Culute routine examination (parasitic parasitic, fungal science and bacterial examination)
    ear canal examination (bacterial external fungus, ear canal parasites, etc.)
    skin examination (skin examination ( Creep mites, chigger mites, fungal skin diseases, etc.)

    These are the most basic examinations. If the price is cheap, it will be done in two or three hundred dollars.
    If the pet is over 7 years old, the physical function is not as good as before. Obesity, drowsiness, organ decline, bone joint aging, decreased immune function, etc., will threaten pets' health. It is necessary to do a comprehensive medical examination to help us facilitate the health of pets and diagnose and treat them in time.
    The Daen Mei East China Pet Examination Center can provide a pet comprehensive medical examination item to help pets to predict health risks in order to better prevent early diseases.

    In: No. 399, Huacheng Avenue, Rugao City, Jiangsu Province

  2. The puppy who just bought it should not take a bath immediately. It is easy to get sick. It should be used to adapt to the new environment.
    1, weighing, registration, and establishing medical records;
    . Inquiry: Understand the channels for dog purchases, dogs prevention and insect repellent;
    . Visual consultation, including:
    1) Check the luster of the hair in detail, whether there are bald hair and abnormal skin;
    ) Check whether the color of the visual mucosa is normal (such as the conjunctiva, the nasal mucosa, the oral mucosa), , Color and secretions, or whether there is stains around the anus, etc.;
    3) Observe whether the pet's walking and running posture are abnormal;
    ) If there is a bowel movement, urine phenomenon, observe the color and shape;
    4. Test temperature
    5. Audinity: Taking the auditory sound, breathing sound, check -jump number, and breathing number of the auditory device, if necessary, you should listen to the intestinal creep; Discovery is a suspected disease dog, and further laboratory diagnosis is required, such as blood routine, feces, urine tests, skin parasites and fungal examinations, etc.;
    7. Corresponding prevention and treatment measures according to the health of animals;

  3. You take the dog directly to the pet shop. They will take you to do a set of processes. If you are afraid of being slaughtered, you will take a few more. Now there are many pet shops. Basically, there are one of two or three streets. Anyway, this is the case near my house. Some procedures must be handled by professionals, and you cannot do it yourself.

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