4 thoughts on “Why do dogs in the world love bones?”

  1. When we were young, we all thought that cats loved fish, rabbits loved carrots, and dogs loved bones! But in fact, although cats eat fish, the fish is not a cat's favorite food, and carrots are rabbits more disgusting foods. Rabbit loves Chinese cabbage more!
    but the dog loves bones is true. Look at the dog in "Cat and Mouse", you know that dogs in the world love bones. Reveal the dog's 5 o'clock reasons for the dog's bones!
    1. The pet owner who needs to raise dogs will know that dogs will have the hobbies of molars, especially the dogs during the puppies will love to bite things very much, because puppies need to experience a teeth once, and teeth will be released. Itching, so I especially like to bite hard things, such as bones. Even if the dog grows up, it will still love bones to grind teeth, because the dogs have to clean their teeth and remove bad breath by molars.
    2, the big bone of the toy is not only a dog molar, but also a big toy of the dog. This toy is a bit obvious, and it is very natural. And if it is a fresh bone, there will be the smell of fat and bone marrow, which will make the dog love the mouth and lie slowly at home for a long time!
    3, the bone bones can make dogs satisfy the general items, not to bite the dogs, especially some furniture at home can not meet the needs of the dog's bite. Hit yourself, but the bones are different. How can you bite the owner? Over time, the dog has a soft spot for the bones, and even when you see it!
    4, love bones are natural nature, but also a genetic nature of dogs. Before the dogs have been domesticated, they still belong to the wild wolf. Will the residual bones of the prey be in the nest? Do you get a psychological comfort that has been "eaten" by biting? At the same time, can you supplement calcium and teeth and exercise your own bite force.
    5. There is still a major reason to treat bones as food dogs and dogs to love bones. It is that dogs will treat fresh bones as food, especially big bones that are just cooked. The flavor of the bone marrow can evoke the big muffler of the dog's belly, which is a rare food. However, the pet owner needs to pay attention that dogs cannot eat sharp and small bones, and eating too much bone is easy to constipation. Usually, you can give some chicken jerky snacks to relieve your teeth.

  2. 1. There is a meat fragrance on the bone
    2, in order to survive
    3, for grinding teeth
    4, in order to supplement nutrition
    5, to treat constipation
    The dogs who help the gastrointestinal fragile and often pull the vomiting of vomiting become more dry.

  3. Because the bones are nutritious and hard, it is suitable for dogs to grind their teeth to pass the time, which helps digestion when the dog is bone.

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