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  1. Shavering can cause the dog's skin to become sensitive and itching, and to deposit pigment black. It can be treated with drugs with vitamin.
    1. You can use the dog's densely dermatological drug Ming Ruining for the affected area and the surrounding skin. Refer to the drug description. Eachi ECG, the medication needs to be used on the affected area and the surrounding skin.
    2. Use the external name Ruining medication, or the injection of injections.
    3. In addition to using Ruwu, you also need to supplement the composite vitamin/vitamin B. Biwei; groups have beautiful skin care and promote the growth of hair growth. Generally, it is used to use it with maintenance:
    4 Note that the dogs are put on the Elizabeth circle during use to prevent the dog from licking to the affected area.
    5. Regular disinfection and sterilization of the environment.
    The food that dogs are suitable for eating:
    1. Mattop milk powder
    Most dogs have lactose intolerance, because lack of lactase in the body can cause symptoms such as bloating and diarrhea. And goat milk powder is easier to digest and absorbed than other milk products, and the immunoglobulin content is very high, which can increase immunity. Milk powder contains a variety of nutrients such as yolk antibody Igy, hypotonal, DHA, taurine, lecithin and other nutrients, which can help dogs and hair care, prevent infection, supplement nutrition, and protect intestinal health.
    2. Lecithin
    The dog eats lecithin, which has the effects of nourishing the skin, reducing hair loss, increasing brightening, and hairy hair. For dogs, lecithin contains unsaturated fatty acids and contains a variety of nutrients, which can help dogs promote the growth of healthy hair, and prevent dogs from being prematurely aging; The purpose of Mao.
    3. Nutrition cream
    The dog nutrition cream contains many nutrients that are good for dogs' health. It is a necessary nutrition that dogs need to be prepared. Nutrition cream can supplement dogs to supplement nutrition, enhance resistance, restore physical strength, enhance physical fitness, nutritional gain, beautiful and strong, and supplement a large amount of nutrients. Not only is it good for palatability, but also add taurine, fish oil, lecithin, salon, etc. to enhance the dog's appetite.
    4. Calcium tablets
    Calcium plays an important role in the development of dog bones , Pay attention to calcium at all times during the entire growth process of dogs. Calcium tablets can supplement dogs to supplement nutrition, enhance resistance, enhance physical fitness, consolidate teeth, prevent osteoporosis, protect joints, and protect the stomach. Not only is it good, but also adds a variety of trace element formulas to help enhance appetite and beautiful hair.

  2. There are many reasons for the skin of dogs after cutting hair. The first way is to go to a standard pet hospital, receive formal examination and treatment, and minimize unnecessary out. You can't see the skin to basically return to normal, otherwise it will easily cause the dog's skin to deteriorate.
    In short, the consultation of dog skin diseases should be detailed, check the inspection carefully, and be sure to use a microscope check to avoid arbitrary conclusions. Pay attention to self -protection and prevent infection with other dogs and cats. The environment should be disinfected frequently, and the utensil equipment should also be disinfected and sterilized at any time to avoid indirect transmission.
    The diet of dogs
    1. Dogs are carnivores. When feeding, it is necessary to configure more animal protein in the feed to supplement the vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog.
    2, the dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog basically uses the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. Foods are not easy to digest things like leaves and grass.
    3, although dogs are carnivorous animals, when survival is difficult, dogs can rely on foods such as vegetables and grains to survive. The diet nutrition of typical wild carnivores comes from the contents of the herbivores captured by them.
    4, dogs like to bite bones. This is also the habit left by biting prey in the original ecology. We often give it some bones while feeding. (Remember: Do not use poultry bones, that may pierce the dog's stomach). Dogs generally have different degrees of food to eat human and their own feces.
    The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog Skin Disease
    It above content Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  3. You won't help your dog shave anymore "? The skin of the skin may be:
    1. Skin disease. Generally, dogs with skin diseases will occur during disease treatment or during the healing of the disease. , The skin has black plaques, take medicine to treat skin diseases,

    2. Shavering, shaving will cause the dog's skin to become sensitive and itching, dog scratching or other dust sun stimulation will be stimulating. As a result, skin allergies are easy to deposit pigment.

    3. Dansing the sun. Frequent sun exposure can cause skin pigment deposition, less sun, the sun is too poisonous in summer, and the ultraviolet rays are particularly strong and easy to allergic.

    . Age factor, elderly dogs will have some black spots on the skin, similar to the elderly spots of the elderly, you can show the dog food suitable for old dogs in Es.
    5 . Hormonal disorders, some dogs, especially the elderly who have not sterilized dogs, may cause hormone disorders to cause false estrus, estrus disorders, and skin pigment deposition. Sun protection coats, as well as often sorted out the dirt on the surface to reduce the number of baths.

    The specific practice you can find the cause first, "Gharma," Gharma, I hope your dogs will get better early.

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