3 thoughts on “Where does Beijing have a regular pet dog market?”

  1. Beijing Guomu Pet Park
    The pet trading market of Beijing is currently the largest pet trading market in the world. This is the first and only legal large pet trading market in Beijing. Covering an area of ​​800 acres, located on the north of the Asian Games Village, the east side of the Olympic Village, a cat, fish, pigeons, flowers, birds, and related supplies display transactions. Site: north side of the Light Rail Station of Beiyuan District, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing; ride route: 912, 803, 847 and other cars to get off at Beiyuan Home.

  2. The Guanyuan Pet Market, the Shilihe Tianjiao Cultural City, Huasheng flyover, etc., contains various pets and pet utensils and the amount of food

  3. In fact, I think it ’s better to see the market online, because even if a market is guaranteed again, there is a kind of hawker who can buy a day to make fun. And if Da La Yuan went to visit for a long time, wouldn't it be more than a suitable one? Go to Taobao NetEase to see more time -saving and effort. However, it may be a bit troublesome to make an appointment when trading.
    Actually, I think it ’s a matter of fate. Although the dog is the best friend of the dog, it can really encounter the one who has a fate with himself.

    Anyway Make a small suggestion, I hope to help you

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