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  1. (1) Beijing Jingnan Lele Pet Trading Center

    Address: Beijing Wild Zoo 500 meters south

    Beijing Beijing Pet Trading Center, which is the first settlement in Beijing There are large pet markets with standard dogs and commercial and residential and residential, about 30 kilometers from the city center, and are coming with Beijing Wild Zoo, Casino, Film and Television City. There are many forests in the field, green land coverage, unique operating conditions, and occupy a total of hundreds of land. For the remaining acres, there are multiple routes to reach.

    (2) Beijing Guomu Pet Park

    The pet trading market of Jinguo capital is currently the largest pet trading market in the world, this It is the first and only legal pet trading market in Beijing. Covering an area of ​​800 acres, located on the north of the Asian Games Village, the east side of the Olympic Village, a cat, fish, pigeons, flowers, birds, and related supplies display transactions.

    The site: north side of the Light Rail Station of Beiyuan District, Beiyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

    The vehicle route: 912, 803, 847 and other cars get off at Beiyuan Home.

    (3) Panjiayuan Antiques Market: West Passenger Station take a bus, get off at Panjiayuan, turn left 30 meters left, and walk to about 200 meters

    ( 4) Tongzhou Liyuan Dog Market

    (5) Beijing Guanyuan Pet Market

    The official park market is a large pet comprehensive market in Beijing. That is, when you go to Guanyuan Bridge, you will continue to the east of 300 meters south are the pet market. The sales scope includes cats and dogs, ornamental fish, bird ornamental, crawling (turtles, lizards), insects (蛐蛐, 蝈蝈, spiders, scorpion), amphibious (tree frog), etc. Aquatic plants, fish and insects, bird cages, cats and dog feed, etc.).

    In 107, 118, etc.

    (6) Unity lake flower and bird market.

    . The subway can be reached, and the subway Yuquan Road Station gets off to the south of the first cross intersection to the west of 100 meters west.

    (8) Nanding Village Flower and Bird Market: About 1 kilometer to south in the South Third Ring Wood Garden Bridge. Take the train on the West Railway Station to take the 40 road, get off the car, and get off at 341 South Ting Middle School. Nanding Village is at Dahongmen, walking from the Miyuyuan Bridge to the south, the road is relatively chaotic. It is best to ask again. It is difficult to explain here. If you walk to the South Fourth Ring Road, enter the Dahongmen Bridge to the north, the first intersection to the east, walk along the road, it is a detour. After a railway, there is an obvious public toilet, and there is a obvious public toilet.

    (9) Sanuju in the north of Caihu Camp, the bus Duck Bridge Station, get off the car west, cross the railway south.

    (10) Wooden Garden Flower and Bird Market. On the south side of the Muyu Garden, the north fourth ring, the south of the Dongguan building materials market. ?

    (11) Duck Bridge Flower and Bird Market. West Railway Station takes the bus 721, and get off at the north of the Duck Bridge.

    (12) Tianning Temple Flower and Bird Market, West Railway Station takes 40 routes, and Guang'anmen North Station get off at the north intersection.

    (13) North Beach Flower and Bird Market. The buses took to the North Beach on the West Passenger Station and set up a bridge at the Beach Beach, and found the Bird City.

    (14) Red Bridge Flower and Bird Market.

    (15) Nanshengbird City. (Tongxiang Bridge North).

    (16) Mentougou Bird City

    (17) Changping Bird City.

    (18) Shunyi Bird City. (Week 6, Sunday).

    (19) Water awl Bird City. (Usually 2 pm).

    (20) South -headed flower and bird market. On the south of Tiananmen, do 110 cars until the south get off the car, just look at it for 20 meters in front.
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