2 thoughts on “Dog's feet dry”

  1. The reason, of course, is related to the dry climate environment and improper care. When the dog's feet are cracking, parents can take care of the following methods.
    1. In the cold winter, the number of dogs should be reduced. If you must go, it is best to put shoes for dogs. Prevent the dog's feet from cracking again.

    2. If the palm of the dog has cracking, you can try to apply some moisturizing oil to the dog. For example, lipstick, etc., lipstick has a certain function of repairing cracks, which helps to restore the feet of the dog.

    3. You can also use a professional dog torture oil for aloe vera gel or pet shop to moisturize the pet dog.

    In the cold winter, parents can reduce the dog's walking, or help the dog put on shoes, so as to better protect the dog's feet!

  2. The problem of the foot is okay, don't care about it.
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