5 thoughts on “How do the dogs see if I am pregnant”

  1. First, the nipple becomes red

    The dog is pregnant. In the first 2 to 3 weeks, the nipples change, and the pregnancy dog's nipples will become more pink, swelling, and will also become more like Get larger.

    It to pay attention to not to supplement it blindly because the dog is pregnant, because in the early days, the baby's baby has not been formed, and the nutrition will absorb the dog mother!

    . The change of body shape

    If your dog is pregnant, then the dog will change in the 4-5 week. At this time, its waist It will become thicker, and the belly will gradually protrude.

    The week after the breeding, if you have an experience, you can touch the position of the female dog's abdominal uterus with his hands, and the pregnancy female dog can feel like an egg -sized embryo!

    . Seeing the habits of life

    In some dogs will decrease when appetite when they are pregnant, and they will appear rich and lazy. Some dogs will become more more than usual than usual Gentle and kind, some want to rest alone.

    In the fourth week, the situation of morning vomiting will disappear, dogs will eat more than usual, and even ask the owner to add food, while some dogs will become more intimate, some will be more intimate, some will Unwilling to be touched!

  2. Seeing that the dog is not pregnant, the following symptoms are not pregnant: First, the chest nipple is swollen at 15 days to 20 days of pregnancy. Second, the abdomen is swollen and deformed at 40 days of pregnancy. Third, at 42 days of pregnancy, you can pass radiation examinations, and you can distinguish whether you are pregnant. Fourth, pregnancy is more than 30 days and can also pass ultrasound examination.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenMethods to judge whether dogs are pregnant: 1. First of all, it should be determined that the dogs have mate; 2. The dog may have decreased appetite, vomiting, and poor mental state in the early stages of pregnancy; The dog's food volume will increase, do not love to move, become sleeping, and the belly will gradually become larger, the nipple will become larger and the color will become pink, and it can even squeeze out the lotion.nQuestionnnCan you see it?nAnswer me to see hanDogs do n’t like to sleep well now, I look at the nipples are pinknQuestion eat a lot nownSleep every daynAnswer, I think it's pregnantnLooking at the stomach, there is a little bulgingnAsk questions, thank younMore 9nBleak

  4. To determine whether dogs are pregnant, the owner first needs to remember whether the dog has matched with other animals in the recent period. It is usually determined that pregnancy can be passed through the B -ultrasound and X -ray image. B -ultrasound mainly determines whether it is pregnant, and it needs to be detected for more than 21 days of pregnancy. After 30 days, the fetal heart rate can be checked. Test, you can see the number of fetus at this time. "

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