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  1. Dogs, like people, have bad breath without cleaning their mouths for a long time. Dogs that eat the rice made at home are particularly serious. It is important to develop a habit of brushing your teeth a week from an early age. To brush your teeth for puppies, you need to use a dedicated toothbrush and dedicated toothpaste (you can eat it). At first, in order to make it adapt, you can use a moist soft towel to put it on your fingers, gently massage its gums, and slowly become a toothbrush after not resisting. If you do n’t let it be brushed, you can use a cleansing rope and dog bite glue, etc., and can also play a role in cleaning your teeth. The nursing of the teeth of the dog's teeth unclean can cause gum pyro pus and gingivitis. Once the dental (tea tartar at the junction of the tooth and the root of the teeth) is formed, it is very laborious to clean. But if you ignore it, the dog will start to lose your teeth when you are young, and the care of the teeth should start from an early age. Here are two ways to brush the teeth: the method first use a soft towel or disinfection gauze to wipe the dog to clean the teeth, and then soak the teeth and gums with the garlic juice with a cotton cotton. The mules are clamped. The second method is to use dog toothbrushes and toothpaste (pet shops are available) to clean up tooth and gums, but do not grind brush teeth back and forth. If you can't buy a dog's toothbrush, the soft hair toothbrush used for children can also be replaced. But do not use human toothpaste to brush your teeth for dogs, which will cause its digestive system discomfort. According to the instructions on the pet toothpaste label, brush the teeth with an appropriate amount of toothpaste, and the surface of each teeth is brushed again. In the first few times, the dog would run eastward because of being unaccustomed, and the owner had to adapt patiently. Remember to feed fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and high fibers. You may wish to add some rough and crispy dog ​​biscuits such as dog food and bite glue. You can rub the surface of the teeth when chewing can help the mouth clean. Many Beijing Bar dogs saw that the dogs were eating very slowly, so they felt distressed to eat soft meat. In fact, the dog's teeth needed to be disciplined frequently, which caused it to harm it. Regular veterinarians are asked to check for dogs with reliable hospitals if necessary. Poor teeth will not only bring strong bad breath, but also seriously affect its appetite and nutritional intake, and bring adverse effects to health. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the care of dog teeth. Common teeth and oral diseases of the oral diseases and dental care, they need to take care of the owner many times. If you want your dog to have a strong teeth and healthy body, the owner should not be afraid of trouble without doing any health care. Because when you find that the teeth of your dog's teeth are problems, it may be quite serious. Here are all common teeth and oral diseases of dogs: 1) Dental dental dental stones are mainly mixed with food residues and bacteria, that is, the original fierceness of bad breath and periodontal disease. Once the dental calculus is on the dog's teeth Formation is difficult to remove. Therefore, the owner should regularly help the dogs clean their teeth, and if necessary, they can even bring it to the veterinarian to wash their teeth. 2) Gingitis Gingitis is the predecessor of periodontal disease. The place where the gums are transferred to the teeth are called "gingival ditch". Because the dogs do not understand their own cleansing teeth, they have accumulated a lot of food residues in their gums after numerous meals, causing a lot of bacteria here to grow. After bacteria invade the gums, it will cause inflammation of the gums and cause pain. 3) The owner of the periodontal disease usually does not care for the dog for the dog. Over time, the teeth of the dog will grow dental. If the situation does not improve, the accumulation of dental stones will become periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can cause pus, inflammation, and bleeding of teeth, severely damaged the tissue of the tooth, causing a large teeth to shake, and eventually cause a large number of teeth to fall off. Therefore, periodontal disease is a very serious dental disease. In case of discovering that the dog has periodontal disease, it should be brought to the veterinary department for treatment immediately. 4) In addition to people, dogs will also suffer from tooth decay. The cause of causing tooth decay is that food residues are accumulated in the mouth, and then bacteria will continue to breed with food residues as nutrients. While breeding, it will also create an acidic substance. Slowly dissolve the calcium of the teeth and form caries, which is tooth decay. Tooth decay can cause the dog's tooth meat and tooth necrosis, and the appetite will be greatly reduced. 5) The fact that the occlusion is not complete can be divided into two types: one is that the upper and lower jaws of dogs occur during development, resulting in unable to open and close normally. The second is that when the greedy tooth grows, it is temporarily dental, and there is an abnormal growth. Dogs with uneven bite, teeth will be stuck when they are in the mouth, affecting eating. 6) Broken dogs like to bite the partner, and sometimes they chew stones to make their teeth wear or even break. Some more active dogs will run around and break their teeth. In addition to this, dogs will also occur with this problem. 7) If the saliva glands under the tongue are blocked, the lower side of the tongue will appear large liquid mass. This is the abscess under the tongue. If the owner finds that the dog gets this problem, he should immediately find the veterinarian for surgery to eliminate the liquid. The reason for obstruction may be caused by a stones, or even a grass seed. Generally, many dogs do not like brushing teeth, so we best try small gauze on their teeth for a few months when they are a few months old, and let them get used to it slowly. The toothpaste used by us ordinary people cannot be used for dogs, because ordinary toothpaste will be foaming, and dogs can spit out the foam like us. This kind of toothpaste also has different flavors (such as chicken, beef, etc.), and puppies generally like it. If you do n’t cooperate when you help the dog brushing your teeth, you can buy some dogs to bite the bone, and it will be helpful. Sometimes you can prepare some raw carrots to eat it. Dogs can scrape the carrots during the chewing process. Take some tartar, in addition, if you make ox tail soup at home in the future, don't forget to leave a period of cooked cow tail for dogs to eat. While enjoying delicious cattail tails, the fiber on the cow tail meat and tendons will be a little bit on the teeth. The effect of massage and cleaning can even be cleaned to the parts that are not easy to brush to brushing! The daily dietary habits also have an impact on the teeth. Generally speaking, dry dog ​​food is better than wet dog food (canned food). Wet dog food is easy to make the teeth accumulate on the teeth. By the way, you can scrape the surface of the teeth a little bit. Some owners are used to putting dog food all day. When the dogs want to eat, it is not good. It is more active. If it is fed twice a day a day, then the bacteria will only be active twice. Usually the necessary daily care is done. Every dog ​​owner should also take your dog to the veterinarian to do professional teeth regularly (once or twice a year), and you can usually eat some dog gum for them. Finally, I want to remind everyone to pay attention. Sometimes the dog's mildew will cause bad digestion or problems inside the body. If you find that your dog has a decrease in weight, drinking water and urination, vomiting, swelling of the abdomen, anorexia, etc. It may be a problem with the liver and kidney, or it may be diabetes. It should be taken to the veterinary office for diagnosis and treatment early. As for what to eat for dog teeth! I still eat less sugar, and I ’m just answered with human precautions.

  2. The steps for cleaning the teeth as follows:
    1, brushing the teeth with gauze

    (1) Cut off the gauze with moderate size on the finger

    (2) It is not used without using it. The gauze's hand rolled his lips, and then gently wiped your teeth and gums with gauze. When wiping, check whether there are dirty things, wipe it up, down, left and right
    2, brush the teeth with a toothbrush
    n when using a toothbrush for a dog or child to brush the teeth, it may be disturbed by it. It hurts it. At this time, other people should help other people to fix the dog's body, or put the dog on the table to keep it on the same level as you.
    If Note:
    MON not to use tap water, be sure to use pure water. There are water alkali in water, and the dogs eat stones in the stomach.
    The dog's teeth are different from humans, and they are pointed. Be careful not to let your teeth scratch your hand.

  3. Does your dog eat meat often? Dogs that eat meat are easy to have odor, and you can buy him some tooth cleaning rods. If you have money, you can run to the pet shop to brush him

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