5 thoughts on “Many friends like to raise small pets, but pet feces are stinky. How can I remove odor?”

  1. First, use a wet vacuum vacuum cleaner.
    This cleaner is particularly easy to use for the smell left by pets, especially the urine and stool left by the dog. You can remove it with a wet vacuum cleaner first and then clean some basic cleaning.
    The pet fresh agent to remove the residual smell after cleaning. Some people use vinegar or ammonia to remove the smell of pets. In fact, this method is not easy to use.
    Because the cleaning effect can be achieved after using vinegar and ammonia water, it will also seduce pets to continue to mark this area, and they will continue to pee in this place, so they have to lose.
    Secondly, open the window to ventilate.
    Is when the pets have a heavy taste at home, we must pay attention to opening the window to ventilate, so that the air in the house should form a convection. If the ventilation effect is not good, you can use the air purifier, which can also accelerate the smell left by the pet.
    third, take a bath for pets.
    wants to completely cut off the odor, then you must find a way to solve the smell of pets from the root. Take a regular bath every time, especially large pets, and the taste of the body is very heavy.
    This bathing regularly can make the taste of pets not too heavy, so that the odor at home will not be too heavy. In addition to pets itself, pets, clothes, and toys of pets must also be cleaned regularly.
    It some pet habits are lying on the sofa. If the sofa jacket can be removed, it should be removed regularly.
    Fourth, use pet deodorization products.
    Although the pet has a heavy odor, there are also many products specifically designed for pet odor design. Pets can spray some places to avoid odor and avoid pets to continue urine in the same place.

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