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  1. Dogs should be used for dry cough, such as cough and anti -inflammatory drugs. Dogs have dry cough, usually with certain diseases. The cause of the dog's dry cough is needed, and then the symptomatic treatment is performed. If you have a cold and a cold symptoms, you can generally take cough syrup and cold medicine for dogs. If it is respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis and bronchitis, the situation is a bit serious. It is recommended that the owner feeds anti -inflammatory drugs for treatment. Note that dogs cannot eat people's drugs.

  2. What medicine to take for dogs to cough and sorrow?
    With the continuous changes and development of society, you can see in life, because the pressure of work pressure and life pressure, many people will raise pets to relieve life of life. Stress, increase interest. In the process of breeding pet dogs, if the dog has a cough and retching, what should parents do? What kind of medicine is better? Maybe you can simply understand the dog with the dog. The causes and treatment methods of cough and sorrow!

    1, dog nest cough

    This cough generally occurs on puppies, frequent in the summer and autumn seasons, If the dog suffers from cough, it will cause bronchial inflammation and make the dog's throat uncomfortable, which will cause cough and stem. The appetite will decrease, the mental is not stomach, and the body temperature will rise.

    This treatment method:

    spray treatment: The sprayer can be consumed. The fog of the sprayer is generally small. It is suitable for BB infection medium bronchial trachea secretions to gather, and for orally taking oral administration Or a dog with no reaction to the injection of antibiotics.

    The bronchial extension: The bronchial dilatation drug can effectively prevent spasm of the bronchial tube, so in some cases, it can effectively relieve cough.

    otic virus treatment: General Chinese medicine has better antiviral treatment effects, such as the effect of clearing the flowers of the flowers, clearing heat and detoxifying oral solution. Philippines, the price is slightly more expensive.

    Iladder treatment: On the premise of giving the dog, it is necessary to ensure that the dog has sufficient calorie and moisture intake, and the comfort of the living environment, reduce contact with other dogs , Reduce external stimuli and prevent secondary infections.

    2, cold

    If it is because of the normal cold cough and retching caused by the season or other reasons, generally do not need to be too anxious. The symptoms are cough, runny nose It will be severe with the symptoms of fever, loss of appetite, and lack of energy, so pay attention to keep the dog warm at this time, and at the same time feed the dog some anti -inflammatory drugs, children's urgent syrup, etc. , Also feed some antidiarrheal medicines. If a dog is an ordinary cold, don't worry too much, normal medication, and then pay attention to the light diet to ensure the comfort of the breeding environment.

    3, foreign body stuck the throat

    If the dog is stuck in the throat by the foreign body, such as bones or toys, etc. It will also cough and retching. At this time, you should not do it to prevent the foreign body card from deeper. You can seek medical treatment in time to take out the foreign body.

    . In addition, if the dog suffers from bronchitis or canine plague, small viruses, etc., you will keep coughing and retching, so if the dog develops this symptom, first of all What to do is to find the cause and then apply the right medicine.

  3. Symptoms of dry cough, retching, and difficulty breathing are obvious respiratory diseases. You can take the dog's clean and refreshing liquid. Half a year ago, my dog ​​was because of the respiratory tract problem. A breathing and cough occurred at a breath. At that time, it was drinking this medicine. Big improvement, not panting or coughing. Breathing is also smooth. The current health state is very good.

  4. Dogs have dry cough, and the right medicine should be used for cough. Anti -inflammatory drugs are generally suffering from some diseases. The cause of the dog to be cough is needed, and then the symptomatic treatment is performed.

  5. If your family is rich, you can give him more dog food, and there are something. Anyway, you must raise dogs. These things, you have to care for pets, that is also a technical work.

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