My dog's eyes can't be opened, what should I do?

The first few hours of suddenly eyes were swollen and swollen, and it was accompanied by a little vomiting. It was a good mental state. I don't know what happened to him. Can you help? in a hurry.

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  1. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    The surroundings of normal dog eyes are clean, and their eyes are gods. In many cases, then the dog's eyes are led. What to do if the dog's eyes cannot be opened, what are the causes of the dog's eyes, what should we do?

    If two eyes are red and swollen, it may be the cause of allergies. If it is a single eye, it may also be caused by trauma. However, for dogs, the most important thing for eye injury is care. You can try to drop eye drops every two hours. Generally, you can recover for three days of medication. The eye drops are recommended to use Tobes eye drops. If there is corneal damage, it is recommended to use Bei Fushu. In order to protect the corneal, artificial tears can be used. Of course, it is best to listen to the advice of veterinarians before choosing a drug.

    If dogs infected with dog plague, eye feces will also increase, and severe eyes will also cause eye redness and swelling, causing the eyes to be opened. Treatment and scrub the dog's eyes with physiological saline every day.
    Therefore, the red and swelling of the dog is usually caused by the lesions, so it is best to take the dog to the hospital for examination to see what causes it, and then treat it.

  2. You see if your dog's eyes have a red bloodshot. Is there any eye shit around the eyes? If so, then clean him at any time. Bottle. Come back and give him some. It may be more troublesome to give the dog some potion. You have to let him lie down. Then quickly click in. Two or two times a day. Just two days. He eats salty things. It may be on fire. Or he wrap his eyes.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, there are many reasons why dogs are swollen and swollen. The common reasons are the following points. First, trauma factors, such as dogs scratching their eyes or foreign bodies, will cause eyes to be congested and swollen, and they will not be opened. Second, dogs have bacterial infections, such as common keratitis or Conjunctivitis can also cause the above situation. In some cases, it will even cause blind eyes. It is recommended that you take the dog to the pet hospital quickly. Don't use the wrong way

  4. It may be caused by virus infections such as canine plague, or it may be caused by bacterial infections.
    If the dog has no other clinical symptoms, you can go to the pet hospital to buy the anti -inflammatory eye drops of pets first, and give the dog for two to three days. If the dog has the phenomenon of scratching the eyes, it is necessary to put on the Elizabeth circle to avoid redness and swelling. If it does not improve after taking the medicine, take a pet hospital for examination and treatment.
    The eyes around the dogs are clean, and their eyes are God.

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