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  1. Generally speaking, dogs grinning to scare the enemy, but even the owner, the dog will have teeth. Especially when the owner wants to teach the dog, if the owner is too fierce or pulls out the guy, the dog may go back fiercely, and the owner wants to fight and dare not fight. Not only that, the dogs may also have a teeth to the owner in other circumstances. Only by understanding the real reason can the owner be prescribed by the right medicine. Sometimes it is a dog that can not solve the fundamental problem.
    . The status of the dog wants to challenge the owner. In fact, dogs want to challenge the owner's status. As we all know, dogs and wolves have the same ancestors, and when a group of wolves gather together, they must decide a leading wolf through weak meat and strong food. However, the leading wolf is not the same. Other wolves have the opportunity to challenge the status of the leader. When it is winning, the new king is crowned.
    Is when the owner teaches the dog, they will try to challenge the status of the owner. At this time, if the owner counsels, the dog will feel that he is higher than the owner, which will intensify. In this case, what the owner must do is to show his status. Although violence is the most direct way, the owner must be careful of dogs to bite. At the same time, the owner can also not give dog food during the meal time, let it know that it is you who master the source of food. If the dog is stronger, the owner is better to put it in the cage and ask the professional dog trainer to solve it.

    . Dogs and dogs care for food and care are many dogs. Even if the dogs are particularly sticking to the owner and crazy and coquettish, it may also grin with the owner for food. Dog's food care behavior originated from their emphasis on food, which is also related to the ancestors of the dog. Wolf usually fights for fighting and protecting food, which follows the natural law of the survival of the fittest. Not only that, if your dog used to be a stray dog ​​before, it may have been hungry for too long, or have experience in competing for food with your companions, so as long as the owner approaches, it will fall into the restlessness and fear of being snatched by food. Among them.
    So what should the owner handle the dog's food care behavior? First of all, the owner can try to put the dog food in his own hands to see if the dog will take the initiative to eat, so that the dog can understand that your hand is given to it. Secondly, don't pour too much dog food in the bowl. When the dog is finished, it feels not enough. If you pour a little more, the dog will expect the owner to pour it for it in the past. If the dog suddenly stabs your teeth during the operation, the owner will not disclose fear, and stay away from the dog first.

    If the dog's food care behavior is too serious, then the owner is better to ask the dog trainer to correct it, and the owner should be careful about feeding. For example, the owner is best not to interrupt the dog's eating, and don't suddenly reach out. When feeding, put the food in a separate room, and then let the dog go in. After the dog leaves after eating, the owner will take back the rice bowl.

    3. Protecting your own private property is similar to that of food care. Dogs are all possessive animals. When the owner wants to take away the dog's toys and grinding rods, the dog will probably have a teeth for you, because the dog regards these things as his own private property. The owner can try to give the dog more glue toys first. If the dog only bits one toy, the owner can take away the dog and not interested. When the dog is enough, the owner can attract the dog that just now, and take the opportunity to take away the dog's favorite toys. After a while, the owner can reach out to give it the dog's favorite toy, so that the dog is not a robbery.

  2. The owner can feed the dogs more food he likes to eat, and often play with the dogs, and get the trust of the dog, so that the dog will not be fierce in his owner.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nHello, I am glad to answer it for you. If the dog is very fierce to the owner, it must not work. We must train this kind of dog in time. Generally, the dogs 8 months ago were very good. It is more difficult for dogs to train eight months later. Of course, it is not completely impossible to teach at all, but it only takes some effort.nThere are usually two means when domesticated dogs. One means is to seduce dogs with some benefits. For example, using things that dogs especially like to eatnThe second method is to threaten dogs and use some violence to resolve dogs. Of course, we can't fight too hard, but just gently knocking the dog with some lighter things, he still plays a role of alertness. Because we want to let the dog understand what it looks good and what it looks like. When the dog is particularly fierce to us, we can find a small stick to knock him gently and let him know not good. Next time, when the dog is particularly gentle to us, we can all reward some delicious food.nWe can often enhance their feelings with dogs. For example, when we are at home, we can buy some dogs who prefer toys to play with dogs. If the weather is relatively clear, then we can go out with the dog, and insist on walking the dog in the morning and evening today, this will definitely enhance the relationship with the dog. Let the dog know that we are its owner, and let the dog know that we are dependent, so that the dog will not be fierce to us.nI have been raised for four years, can I train?nAnswer is a bit difficult ~ I usually have to enhance my relationship with the dognThe questions were scared, and the bath was bite. You bite when you moved on the sofa.nThe answer is first to be reprimanded in time and severe. Even if it is a small dog, its teeth are also very sharp, which is very dangerous for the owner. It must change its bite habit as soon as possible. After bite people, the dog can hold its chin to reprimand, or roll the magazine into a tube into the floor to intimidate it. These are very effective ways. After the owner was reprimanded, the dog would be quiet when he was frightened. At this time, he should praise it well.nThe question was broken. The stray dog ​​looked at the pity and picked it up, and got up to feed 3 times at night. It was so big and so fierce.nAnswer it bites you to indicate that you have no prestige in your eyes.nSometimes it is necessary to hit it.nWhat to do should not be done, it doesn’t hurt it without pain.nBut don’t fight too much, the dog is the master’s heart.nYou can also ignore it. The dog is also human. It will be sad when you see that you ignore it yourselfnThank you teacher, let me try it.nAnswer, this is your wrong. If you raise a daughter too much, you still have to obedient, so be a good father to discipline the dog.nNo need to be polite, it should be ~nI hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~nMore 17nBleak

  4. I think if the dog is a murderer for no reason, it is that the dog has not recognized the owner as the real owner, then the owner needs to teach them well.

  5. This is not believed by the owner’s performance. We must always accompany it to play, we have to give it snacks, and often take it to exercise

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