5 thoughts on “What pets and plants are best to raise?”

  1. The pets in reality should be a turtle. What is the best example of that year and thousands of years? It is said that you can not eat or drink for a few months. Of course, there are short -lived stomachs that do not rule out individual constitution. , Boil soup, but make up, let's do everything, LZ said yes, right?)! If you are a lazy person, you can consider raising pigeons, as long as you let it remember your position, you know that you often go home and see it. Someone will raise it for you. Prove that there are very few memory. Plants are a good choice. It should be okay if you do n’t water or bask in the sun for two or three weeks. It won't die at all. Even if it is dried, pour some water and green, but it is recommended to support the rockery. There is no restriction on the virtual ones. Anyway, you can start again. It seems that there is a plug -in in the Bayi desktop show. The feeling is relatively strong, I am raising, but it consumes memory), cats are also MSN's many cats, and other Q penguins and pigs are more popular.

  2. Plants I think the fairy palm or the fairy ball fairy mountain fairy mountains if it is planted, it is still a very expensive plant, a very valuable pet dog is the most loyal to compare with the dog

  3. Cats can not be cared for too much. They are very independent animals. Plants are still the cactus. Occasionally watering can be used to live. It can also purify air and prevent TV micro -radiation in the room.

  4. Pets are best to raise local dogs. Turkish dogs refer to local dogs. If you spend, you can pull two wild flowers and wild grass in the wild! Intersection

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