5 thoughts on “How can there be a regular stray cat and dog adoption rescue station in Shenyang City?”

  1. The stray cat and dog rescue foundation of Zhihua Township, Shenyang City, Shenyang City
    Base Location: The west side of the Goryeo New Town, Shenyang City
    Driving route is: Dinghua Lake entrance to the direction of the creation prison ....
    Blip u003CBus> route: 329 u003CZhanda route> to the west side of Gaoli New City on the west brick factory of the West side of the Gaoli New Town, the fare

  2. Shenyang Chihiro Pets Rescue Base, rescue, adoption, adoption, all free, all scientific breeding, excellent living environment, raising separately, avoiding cross -infection, fighting injuries.

  3. You suggest you go to 114 and ask the above 114, or you should also tell you that the municipal municipal phone call should be told you

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