1 thought on “What method does it use from Shenzhen to send dogs in Shenzhen to Nanning in Guangxi?”

  1. Can be checked. Both the train and the aircraft are not expensive

    This can go to the train station or the airport to specialize in the department's consignment department for consultation. You can check the check -in information through the relevant customer service phone or the inquiry desk.

    The pet hospitals in some cities will provide related help. If a certain agency fee is charged, they will help you check the quarantine and consignment procedures before shipping.
    The quarantine work is necessary. Unlike the epidemic prevention measures we usually take for pets, this is a measure that pets must be completed before their consignment. Generally, you can go to the epidemic prevention station. You can get a certificate in about two or three days. This certificate should be presented when consignment.
    The consignment price is generally between 50-500 yuan, depending on transportation tools, mileage and animals.
    It is best to bring a aviation pet box.

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