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  1. Dogs are susceptible to diseases 1. Rabies: It is a common disease of human and animals caused by rabies and viruses, especially for animals and animals. The disease was mainly bite by crazy dogs, crazy cats, and sick livestock. This disease can occur in four seasons, but there are many onset of spring, summer and winter. The diseased period of the disease is different, the shortest is about 12 days, and the length is as long as 1 year. Due to the disease -hazarding nervous system, all kinds of diseased animals are excited and violent; the diseased dogs are at the beginning of the disease, and they are afraid of irritation. Entering violent, wandering everywhere, hoarseness, staggering steps, later manifestations of spiritual, paralysis of the body, and died 3 to 6 days after the onset. When cats are getting sick, they will also attack people, grabbing people and infecting the disease. Most animals suffering from the disease cause death, and a few are chronic. 2. Rotary caterpillars: It is a parasitic disease caused by people and carnivores caused by rotorworms and carnivores. People, dogs, pigs, cats, etc. all have high susceptibility. Patients are infected with fresh feces containing pork, dog meat, etc. containing pork, dog meat, etc. containing pork containing cysts. People are sensitive to the disease as long as 5 lives per kilogram of body weight can be killed. The main symptoms of this disease are in the early stages of the disease and have no spiritual fever, vomiting and diarrhea. After the parasitic muscle of the worm sac, muscle soreness occurs. It is difficult to walk, chew, swallow, breathe, swelling on the face and eyelids, and anorexia and weight loss. 3. Gow -shaped body disease: Cat is the host of the toxoplast. It is sexually reproduced in the cat. Cats usually swallow the raw meat or prey containing the nourishing body and get sick. Once a person is caught by a cat or infected with other channels, some people may be tired, fever and headache. Most obvious clinical symptoms are only lymph nodes. 4. Eclipotomy: This disease is a parasitic disease of the larvae parasites in the small intestine in the small intestine of the dog's small intestine. The spiny spiny is sac -like, small as bean -like, as large as spherical, and the shape is different. Those who are suffering from this disease often show long -term refractory digestive disorders, nutritional disorders, storing, weight loss or jaundice, and lungs when they are attacked, and have asthma and cough. Sometimes the diseased animal is sometimes allergic to allergic poisoning when a large amount of liquid liquid is difficult to absorb, causing shock or death. The disease mainly swallowed the dog dung containing eggs contaminated and grassy water contained in insect eggs. People are exposed to diseased dogs or eating worm eggs by mistake. 5. Hook -end spiral disease: Almost all mammals can infect hook -end spiral diseases. Dogs and rabbits are the host of the hook -end spiral body. Human urine, blood tissue, or hook -end spiral body can occur. The incubation period is about 10 days, and then the characteristics of sepsis occur, headache, fatigue, muscle soreness, fever, jaundice, and hematuria. Tingling is caused by skin fungus, and the skin of the dog and the cat is infected. Infection can occur in ringworm or ringworm.

  2. The most common is skin diseases. My dog ​​often sends a pet hospital because of this pet hospital. You have to spray water, take a bath with potions, and you need to apply what you do n’t know directly on the ulcers. And fleas are the most annoying. The dog's resistance is very strong, it is difficult to catch a fever and the like, just take a bath less. Our puppy has not had any diseases except for skin diseases.

  3. The longest disease of pet dogs in daily life: 1. Small virus enteritis; (such as improper treatment, delay time is fatal.) 2. Dog plague; (fatal, once infected, rarely dogs can be spared...) 3. Parasitic infection of skin disease.

  4. Hello! The puppy is easy to have bacteria, fungi, etc. The situation of your mother cannot make a judgment of allergies caused by puppies for the time being, but it cannot be ruled out. Allergy refers to an abnormal reaction to the human immune system to a certain harmless substance, also known as a perverted response. Your current situation is recommended to test the allergen to determine whether it is caused by dog ​​hair and other allergies. Just seek medical treatment in time. I wish you good health!

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