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  1. In addition to the normal pet owner, other nutrient meat, such as fish, chicken breasts, beef, etc., should be added to the dog food for native dog puppies; eating some fruits and vegetables for native dog puppies can help promote the soil dogs. Dog puppies can also supplement vitamins and cellulose.

    News to raise dogs

    1. Choose dogs: First of all, you must ensure whether the selected dogs meet the conditions of the family. The taste is easy to accumulate indoors and should not spread indoors. You also need to determine whether the dog you buy is healthy and be careful to buy a weekly dog, so it is not easy to survive.

    2, feeding: The dog takes one month to leave the dog's mother to support it alone. Before it is three or four months old, you must eat four meals a day to ensure that it should not be hungry.

    3, urination: a few months old dogs can not help urination, and you need to teach them step by step to enable the dog to form conditional reflection. Reduce great pressure. During its adulthood, you can only do two things. One is to wait for it to grow up, and the other is to teach patiently.

    4, grinding teeth: Dogs bite things because of long teeth, you need to protect your beloved shoes, data cables, power cords, pillows, etc. Give him the opportunity. Do not keep the dog in a cage, which is not good for its teeth.

    5, entertainment: The puppy will be particularly sticky when he was a child. Don't resist it too much. Try to spend time with him when you go home from get off work, don't let him feel lonely.

    6, dog hair: This requires the owners to clean it diligently. Do not cut the dog's hair because of the hair change period. The hair has a protective effect on the dog's skin. short.

    7. Cleaning: In summer, the dog's body does not need to be washed every day like a person. As long as it does not look dirty, it does not need to be cleaned. Generally speaking, it is best to wash the body in about 3 days. When cleaning, we must straighten the hair of the dog and gently.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, 45 days of native dogs can feed sheep milk powder egg yolk buns, or it is also good to buy young children's milk powder and dog food. Wait until 2 months before starting to eat meat slowly, adding too early dogs to diarrhea. You can eat some tofu and calcium slices to supplement calcium

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