What kind of medicine does dog oral ulcer be used?

What kind of medicine does dog oral ulcer be used?

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  1. Yorkxia (details introduction)
    . Although the chance of dogs suffering from oral ulcers is not high, once the dog suffers from the disease, it is a very painful thing. The diet first has become a key issue. Secondly, painful money to buy. In recent years, the development of pet medicine has become better and better, and it is not difficult to treat dog's oral ulcers. However, how to treat it in life

    clinical studies have found that it has led to the main of dogs' mouth ulcers. The reason is that when the dog is stabbed by hard hard objects when eating, or stabbing oral mucosa such as uneven teeth. In addition, secondary bacterial infections, or caused by accidental irritating substances or high concentrations of irritating drugs, and then secondary to certain diseases or nutritional deficiency, can cause dog oral ulcers.
    It when treating mouth ulcers for pet dogs, you should first check the cause before you can better medicine. Generally, you can try to use 1%saline or 2%-3%boric acid, or 2%-3%sodium bicarbonate, or 0.10%potassium permanganate solution to rinse the mouth, 2-3 times a day. During the period of treating mouth ulcers for dogs, don't prepare a light and delicious loss when you eat some hard and irritating for the dog.

  2. It can be sprayed with anti -inflammatory treatment. Three times a day, oral ulcers are caused by the lack of vitamins in dogs. Pay attention to the reasonable diet. You can take pet vitamins for dogs!

  3. First of all, the dog owner should pay attention to guiding the dog to drink more water to help supplement some water. During this period, the dog owner should not give the dog some dry foods and some meat food for the time being. Let go of goat milk, so that the dog can add water, and so that the dog will not have a lot of pain when eating. In addition to dog food, dog owners can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables for dogs, help dogs supplement some vitamins, and can also prepare some Wang/Think/Vitamin B powder and help their dogs with daily diet.
    If the dog's mouth is more serious, the dog owner can prepare some specialized foreign products to help the dog, but be careful not to choose humans. Essence During this period, the dog owner should pay attention to keeping the dog's mouth clean. Do not let some bacteria affect the dog and make the dog's oral cavity serious. The dog owner can prepare some dogs and toothbrushes for dogs. Clean your teeth, and you can also prepare some dog mouthwash for dogs. After the dogs finish eating, mix it in the dog's drinking water to help the dog.

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