1 thought on “What should I do if the dog is sick and don’t eat?”

  1. Dogs are sick and not eaten. There are no spiritual methods: adjusting diet, feeding some pet probiotics or eliminating slices, making the taste of food stronger, and bringing dogs to the hospital.
    1. It is recommended to adjust the diet in time and help dogs supplement nutrition instead of feeding dog food alone. You can mix the right amount of goat milk powder or nutrition cream in dog food to help supplement nutrition. After meals, it will be matched with some fresh fruits to help supplement vitamins. You can also boil some millet porridge, chicken soup, fish soup, or use chicken breasts, beef, egg yolk, green vegetables, western blue flowers and other self -made nutrition meals to help dogs improve meals.
    2. If the dog's illness is not convenient to exercise, you can also consider feeding some pet probiotics or consumption tablets to help supplement digestive enzymes to digest food in the stomach and improve appetite.
    3. If the dog is sick, especially the nose is plugged, it may be difficult to smell the taste of food and do not want to eat. Therefore, the taste of the food is stronger, you can soak the broth, or put a little wet grain in the microwave oven.
    4. If the dog does not eat at all and does not drink water, do not urinate in 12 hours, you must take the dog to the hospital quickly.
    What food is good for dogs
    1, honey
    honey is not only good for human body, but also good for dogs. First research has shown that honey has the effect of enhancing gastrointestinal motility and can help gastrointestinal digestion. But be careful not to eat honey or honey water for dogs often, dogs are prone to diabetes.
    2, wheat foods
    Some dogs will have constipation problems. This disease is still painful for dogs. But the pet owner can give dogs some wheat foods, such as oatmeal, bran, bran, etc., which can make the intestines unobstructed. It can also reduce cholesterol, which is a very healthy food for dogs.
    3, eggshell
    dogs to eat egg yolk can be beautiful. When the dog is deficient in calcium, the pet owner can crush the eggshell to the dog food to feed the dog to supplement the calcium supplement to supplement the calcium supplement to supplement the calcium supplement. The role.

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