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  1. Big dogs (details introduction)
    Parents who like their dogs to eat strong, dogs are too thin and unhealthy, why do some dogs eat not fat? What situations have made dogs' weight loss?
    1. Insufficient food: Due to various or certain diseases, loss of appetite or stubborn nausea, or inflammation in the mouth, causing unable to take full intake of nutritional foods, which causes dogs to cause dogs The dog is too thin.
    2. Digestion or absorption: diseases of the gastrointestinal or liver, pancreas, etc., lead to dysentery or constipation; abnormal digestive enzymes that break down food, and nutrients cannot be absorbed, which is the cause of too thin dogs.
    3. Obstacles of nutrient use: Even if the nutrients can be fully absorbed, when the liver function is reduced, the nutrient cannot be assimilated, which will cause the pet dog to be too thin.
    4. Hypertrophic: Virus infection or chronic diseases cause intense consumption of physical strength, or pregnancy, and after childbirth, when you need to nurture many puppies, the body's metabolism is more hyperactive than usual, and it will consume more than usual than usual. If you do not give enough nutrition, it will also become the reason why the dog is too thin.

  2. If you give it the same as before, it is because the dog has bugs in the stomach, drove off the bugs, and give it to maintain the stomach!

  3. The bugs of the stomach are not finished, and it must be discharged 2 or 3 times. The appetite of the dog will gradually improve. After the rowing, you can eat porridge with pork liver and green vegetables together. My dog ​​is like this. The pet doctor said. ,,

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