The dog's taste is too heavy and too strong. What's wrong with body odor? How to remove the difficult smell?

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  1. Anyone and pet's body exudes a special smell. We also call it "body odor". Dogs are no exception. Generally, the clean dog has a light taste and a light taste. On the contrary, if the smell is particularly strong and smellings, it often emits special odors. Most of them are not done well in hygiene work, or have some diseases that need to be treated. The mouth, ears, underarms, limbs, and anal glands are places where dogs odor is concentrated. This article comes to discuss the cause of the hard -smelling of dogs and how to reduce and eliminate it. Generally speaking, large dogs are slightly heavier, and small dogs have light taste. Even puppies are somewhat scent. Even hairless dogs will have a small amount of fishy smell. This is normal. But if you want to completely eradicate it, I am afraid it will not be done. Common causes of body odor The taste of dogs is unpleasant, which is generally caused by the following reasons:n1. Do not take a bath often, and the dirt is not cleared in time, of course, it emits odor.n2. The endocrine of pet dogs with young adults is relatively high, and some oily skin dog species are particularly obvious. Too much hormone secretion and a moist environment breed a large amount of bacteria. Bacterial decomposition causes heavy odor.n3. Variety relationships or congenital inheritance. For example, the skin of the sand dog is wrinkled, and it is more tricky to encounter this situation.n4. Most of pet dogs with diarometer, periodontitis, gingivitis, diabetes, ear inflammation, and skin diseases have odor.n5. The male and female dogs who are in estrus and breeding period will secrete a special sex hormone for attracting each other.n6. After feeding dog food, the food residue stays in the mouth and does not brush and clean it in time.n7. Dog's saliva and snot have odor. Besides, they still have the habit of licking their own hair, so they bring the unpleasant taste throughout the body.n8. It is related to diet. Dog food eats less. Large dogs, mainly meat, generally have odor and fishy smell.n9. Dogs and dogs are too long. Even if you take a bath, it is difficult to completely wash the skin dirt, so the odor produces. Several practical methods to eliminate body odor and reduce the taste 1. Wash your butt.nYou may feel that its ass smelly and urine odor, but they do n’t think so, they still like their own taste. Do n’t believe that you can often see puppies to indicate their territory by urine. "Smelly" allows companions to identify. Not to mention, the use of this smell is quite extensive. From the dog's view, this taste is undoubtedly your own ID card, so you have to take the initiative to clean it. They will not consciously "clean". The dog's hair is all over the body. Whether it is urine or shit, it will soil the fur, and it may be campaign for a long time. In addition, the anal glands that secrete liquids are also an important source of odor. Therefore It should be checked frequently. It should be scrubbed with alkaline soap and warm water. It is better to be about 2 times a week, and then try it, does the taste reduce. 2. Wash the stinky feet frequentlynCut the nails frequently, wash the stinky feet, and often cut off the hairs in the gaps of its claws. These fine hairs not only carry dirty dirt, but also accumulate bacterial viruses. It is really useless, of course, cut it! 3. Comprehensive conditioning and reducing the smellnIf it is summer, you can eat light food for pet dogs. The salt content should be low. Do not be too greasy. Eat less big bones to keep oral hygiene and avoid bad breath. If you have skin diseases such as hair loss, you need to treat them in time, and often help them with ears, dug earwax, or buy special baths and beauty products to take a bath for them. Frequently clean the dogs for the dog, keep it clean and tidy, and drive away the parasites. In addition, it often brushes it, buy some clean teeth rods and dog bite gums, etc. The Chinese herbal medicine soup has a significant effect on reducing the taste. In addition, you can spray some perfumes on the pet dog appropriately, which is effective for controlling the smell. 4. Teach you how to squeeze the dog glands to the dognIn the first step, the dog's tail is lifted to expose the anus and eye -catching;nStep 2, you can imagine the dog's anus as a clock, with acupuncture and acupuncture. After putting on gloves, gently massage it at four and eight o'clock, and gently massage it until There are yellow -brown things. Try not to smell as much as possible. This thing is smelly. If the flowing liquid with blood wire may be a disease such as anal adrenal inflammation, it is best to take it to the pet hospital for treatment. It is best to put it on its buttocks in advance to prevent the smelly dirty dirt splashing on you all of a sudden. Gestures must also emphasize from the outside and the inside, from to light to light.nThe third step, if it can't be squeezed out, the anal glands may be blocked, and the fingers can be extended in to clean up the dirt accumulated in it. After cleaning, you can squeeze some eye ointment inside. What are the dogs with light smell? Dogs with almost no taste in the body include Husky, Sherry, toy VIPs, Chisha, Belinson, Big Berner, Chow Chow Dog, Ancient Shepherd Dogs, Labrado, Tibetan Mastiff, etc. It is suitable for friends who are "allergic to odor". Friends who summarize dogs must have an inclusive mentality, so trying to make the dog have no taste and no body odor. This requirement is too harsh, but we can take care of them carefully, to do it in place, check and treat in time, and treat them in time. All kinds of diseases can often minimize the smell of dogs and reduce the degree that can be almost ignored. When taking a walk or a friend's hug, although the aroma can't attack, it is at least no harm!

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