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  1. 1. The swelling of the genitals
    When the puppy comes to menstruation for the first time, its genitals will swelling, and there will be red liquid flowing out, but the amount of outflow is not large. At this time Trouble, recommend two methods for everyone. First, you can buy special physiological pants for dogs in a pet shop, and you can put it on the dog directly. Second, if there are no conditions, you can use children Wear the briefs, then cut a hole behind the puppy's tail to let the tail exposure, and then use the sanitary cotton used to put it with it.
    2. Clean up the genitals
    During the first menstruation of the puppy, the lower body will flow out of red liquid. At this time It was infected, so at this time the puppy will lick the lower body and the hair around the body with the tongue, and will clean the surroundings very clean to ensure the clean and refreshing of the pussy below. If this is the case in your dog, At this time you have to know that it has menstruation. At this time, if you want to take a bath, be careful not to use cold water. It is the most suitable for warm water.
    3. I like to contact the puppy
    When the puppy comes to menstruation for the first time, I will like to contact the puppy. It is necessary to stare at your own dogs firmly, don't accidentally let the dog run away, and don't let the dog get pregnant unexpectedly. Many dogs are still very pure. In case of bad public dogs, they have a nest of skewers. It will cause a lot of trouble to the dog owner. Some dog owners do n’t love rope for walking dogs, and Xiaobian reminds: It ’s troublesome to be in case of breeding.
    It puppy dogs, like people during menstruation, will decrease, without much appetite. At this time, we need to pay attention: pay attention to keep puppies warm, do not let puppies cool, especially in winter, puppies, puppies, puppies Dogs have a long period of menstrual period, and they need to supplement nutrition like people, especially foods that are supplemented by people. Pay attention to the cleaning of puppies so as not to cause the reproductive system to be infected. You can clean it with warm water every day, try to avoid strenuous exercise, and do not eat irritating food.
    In the first menstrual period, the puppies need to take care of our owner most. At this time, the dog's body is very weak. Please remember to remember to take good care of your dog Oh!

  2. The dog will come to the aunt.
    The aunt who came to the dog is also the physiological period. During the physiological period, the dog will discharge blood and fragments of some epithelial cells through the vagina. Because dogs in the physiological period will excrete more blood, we need to strengthen nursing. It is recommended to wear diapers or pets for dogs, and it is necessary to take care of the dogs to avoid accidental pregnancy.
    If you don't want the dog to come to the aunt, you can take a pet hospital for sterilization surgery when the dog does not come to the big aunt, and at the same time without estrus.
    The sterilization surgery refers to removing dogs related to dogs through surgery, such as ovaries and uterus. After the dog is undergoing sterilization surgery, it will no longer be in estrus, nor will it come to the aunt.

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