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  1. Such a story happened abroad. After being sent to the long -term rescue center, a stray dog ​​Hank from Memphis walked 11 miles in two days and returned to a foster family. The white shepherd and its adopted mother Leis Coweman only stayed together for about six days after they moved to a new home in a new town. And Hank went to a new home by car. No matter how much, it is impossible for it to instinctively know the road to Cowfman's house, but it eventually found the way home.
    This is not the only example. In 2013, a family named Holly lost with the owner to travel to Donner Beach. Two months later, it walked 200 miles back to the home of West Palm Beach. Some people doubt whether the cat is lost. But Holly had an implanted microcar that proves that they are the same cat.

    of course, these are the extreme examples of losing pets to find home, but this also triggers our thinking. How do these lost animals find the way home?

    looking for the taste of home. Dogs are very dependent on nose. If the wind direction is appropriate, 18 kilometers are not far away for a dog with a sensitive smell. Studies have found that the number of dogs of dogs is between 220 million and 2 billion. In contrast, there are only 12 million to 40 million.
    We every time the dog is walking near home, it is familiar with the smell at home with his nose. There are fire hydrants, trash cans, big trees, sidewalks, and so on. It not only smells while walking, but also leaves a unique smell whenever they put down their claws. These are important signals they find their homes.
    mad to make visual maps. Sometimes you find that their noses do not always stick to the ground when they walk outside. It will look around from time to time, and they are observing the surrounding environment. Although the dog's vision is far less smelling, it is still drawing the visual map of the surrounding world with its own vision.
    The research found that wolves will use visual landmarks to help guide their territory, and some wolves will find shortcuts from one place to another. Dogs can also. You may notice that when you go closer to your house, your dog either speeds up the pace and is glad to return home or slow down, because it does not want to end its out -of -event activity. Dogs may know that it is about to get home through the combination of visual and smell.
    , although dogs or cats have a good navigation system, we should not trust too much pet. For each of the pets that go home, countless other pets are still lost.

  2. Generally, pet dogs are recognized by home and generally do not lose. Even if they lose, they can go home according to the smell and memory.

  3. Dogs generally find the way home according to the smell, because the dog's sense of smell is several times that of humans. Generally, dogs can smell the smell left by themselves, and then find the way home according to these odors.

  4. It is normal emotions for dogs or love or evil. If there is no money or leisure, raising dogs, raising dogs to pay taxes, hurting others. The status of the dog naturally increases. The dog breeders only need to fulfill the responsibility of raising livestock, but require the dog to have the right to pet. Marry the consequences of dogs to the public who do not raise dogs, and arbitrarily attack others. How can others accept it? You are not allowed to fight dogs. If you raise dogs, please pay taxes on taxes. Others have no obligation to bear dog sufferings, and have no obligation to pay taxes to satisfy your personal hobbies. Forcing can only arouse resistance. In history, Wei Yangong was killed by cranes. Liang Wang Ji was scolded for thousands of years because of rabbits. Today, dog lovers have become derogatory because of persecution, because they force others instead of restraining themselves.

  5. Dogs through their own smell, because they will leave odor when they come out, and they can also find their homes through vision and observation of the environment.

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