What is the difference between the big head Rowa? Which is better? The Rowa head I raised is big, isn't it fierce whether it is a fake Luo?

3 thoughts on “What is the difference between the big head Rowa? Which is better? The Rowa head I raised is big, isn't it fierce whether it is a fake Luo?”

  1. I. Advantages

    1. Rowella is smart and sensible.

    2. Rowa has a stable personality.

    3. Rowalner brave and sturdy.

    4. Rowalner obeyed the owner.

    . Disadvantages

    1. Rowa's flexibility is not high.

    2. Rowa is highly excited and can be maintained for a long time, which will make the owner unbearable.

    3. Rowa is too dependent on the owner and is a bit sticky.

    4. Rowa is a fierce dog. It is very alert to strangers close and offensive. The master should train dogs and strangers to get along to prevent accidents.
    . The advantages of the Rowalina dog
    Rowalner dogs obey the owner, but it is still a fierce dog. Alert and offensive consciousness. In the process of breeding, parents should also pay attention to the training of Rowweai to get along with strangers so that it can live in harmony with humans.
    It the advantages of the Rowaline dog:
    The advantages and disadvantages of the Rowideo dog
    1. Personalized: Rowa has stable personality, stable nerve type, very emotional, born with having possessions Guard talents can also be a family partner dog.
    2. Hair: The coats of the Rowa Dog are simple. In order to make the hair look smooth and beautiful, the breeder must often sort out.
    3. Education: Pure breed Rowa generally does not scream easily, don't worry about it disturbing neighbors.
    4. Strong immunity: Rowa's disease resistance ability is definitely the "rare customer" of pet hospitals. Even if he is sick, his tenacious beliefs and the super -attachment to the owner usually make Rowella a dog who laughs out in a pet hospital.
    5. Less exercise: Rowa has a lot less exercise than other dogs. This means that small apartments can also be raised.
    6. No picky eaters: Rowa is a dog who does not like to pick eaters.
    7. High safety factor: Usually, Rowella is more good. Even if strangers have moved, it only takes some warning guards. However, once the attack is launched, it will never show mercy.
    . The disadvantages of the Rowalina dog
    Rowaa is too strong to the owner and a little sticky. They are eager to stay beside the owner at all times to guard the comfort and peace, and the owner who is afraid of their best baby will go out to the situation.
    Rowalner dog has a stable personality but is too dependent on the owner. It is a bit sticky. They are very eager to accompany the owner's moment and enjoy the comfort and tranquility around them with the owner. If the owner is busy at work, this state of dependence is undoubtedly a imprisonment for the owner. At the same time, Rowa has a strong self -awareness. They will consider their wishes when choosing the owner and choose the owner they really appreciate.
    Summary: Simply put, smart and sensible, stable personality, bravery and sturdy is the advantage of Rowalina and its disadvantages. Rowa is brave but not flexible. They have a stable personality, making them excited and long for a long time. However, it is not a good thing for a long time, because when you are tired of lying, it is still trembling and excited.

  2. It has a lot of appreciation, a lot of hair, loose skin, a lot of saliva, and a poor consciousness of protecting the owner. The sporty physical strength is poor, the training is poor
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