Where can I sell teddy dogs in Kunming?

I want to buy a teddy, I don't know where to buy it. What is good to buy? How many one is suitable

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  1. On the whole, Kunming's dog quality is better, and of course the price is also relatively high. You can find a home on the love of dogs and dogs. Or look for it in a local forum.
    Thi's price is also affected by body shape, appearance, and even color. Do not say the specific price. My friend just set a small gray VIP, with a height of no more than 23 and more than 10,000.
    1. White Dragon Flower Bird Market ---- Xinying Intersection (Bailong Road)
    2. Western pet flower and bird market --- Xiyuan Passenger Station
    3. Garden Community
    4. Grand View Flower, Birds and Worm Market --- Daguan Commercial City
    5. Jinshu Village Flower Bird Market --- Xinying Intersection (Renmin East Road)
    6. Jingxing Flower Bird Market --- Provincial Public Security Department (that is, at the west exit of Nanping Street^-^)
    7. Dounan Flower Trading Market --- Dounan intersection (Kunluo Road)
    8. World Expo Park Flower and Bird Market --- Shiboji Xinyuan
    9. Xiaolong Sifang Street Flower and Bird Market --- Bailong Road (New Ying District of Polytechnic University)

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