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  1. After the dog is drunk, there is no fixed state. It may do various things like people. Each dog may have different performances, but the dog's physical condition is not as good as humans. Low, it is likely to die because of drinking, so don't drink your dogs.
    This is rural, and dogs are still common. Generally, they are native dogs. Some people in the village are specializing in red and white happy events, the kind of chef without a fixed store, which is a unique occupation in rural areas. There is a fat dog in his house. It ’s okay to feed the remaining dishes for each banquet, and this guy is still more alcoholic. The beer who did n’t drink on the wine table fell into a bowl. Essence
    This dogs are still more spiritual. They know that they restrain themselves. They drink at most two bowls every time, and then do n’t drink it. After drinking, they are lying in the corner and fell asleep in a while. At that time, the children attending various banquets were very active, and they were full when they ate. A group of friends went to find a dog, so I was very impressed with this fat dog. Don't wake up, let a group of children feel interesting, always pulling its tail, which is a state of drunk people to get drunk.
    has seen Husky who has been drunk in the video. It is indeed a dismantling expert and running wildly everywhere. When you see what to bite, you will be excited. The desire to destroy his own destruction is to the extreme. The dog owner in the video laughed and stomachable. This is indeed a very interesting video. Many dog ​​owners take wine to tease their dogs.
    The dog's brain is similar to the human brain structure, but we have so developed, and we control the balance through the brain. After the dog is drinking, alcohol began to circulate in the body through the blood, and the cerebellum function is suppressed, so it will also shake when you walk. A small amount of alcohol can excite the nerves, so some dogs who have drinked alcohol will run wildly and even make some funny behaviors. Dogs also have alcohol, and each dog is different. After drinking too much, the dogs will vomit, and they will faint and sleep in darkness. Maybe they will break the film.
    This body structure is very different from humans. If their heart tolerance is cross, and if the night patrol is too fast, they are willing to cause cardiac arrest and sudden death. Dogs cannot eat chocolate. For this reason, the ingredients in chocolate will make the dog excited, blood circulation speeds up, and the dog may die directly after eating too much chocolate. Alcohol also has such a role, so drinking too much of wine may also have a dog life, and people drink too much danger, let alone a dog.

    The dogs who can drink alcohol are definitely a minority, so out of the idea of ​​protecting pets, do not feed your dogs, let alone a joke for them to get drunk. Come to happy you.

  2. Not only people like to drink, but sometimes pets also like to drink. After being drunk, some will sleep, and some will vomit the truth after drinking. But what happened after pets were drunk? Let's watch the gesture of these drunk guys one by one.
    The Husky after a fall in love, the owner drank a bottle of beer. After the belly, it seemed to be drunk, and a sorrowful face seemed to say: What do I drink, what do I feel strange in my belly?
    The tri -tube beer belly, lying on the sand, happy flowers. Said: Wang Wang, is there any? These are not enough for the baby to quench their thirst, the owner is on two bottles of two pots ~
    This is a Wang Xingren who was drunk and lying on the edge of the incense altar. The dogs turned away and said: Since ancient times, they have been passionate and hate, and this hate has no end.
    The Chinese pastoral dog after being drunk, lying on the ground and sleeping, he refused to loose the wine bottle in his hand. It seemed to be a passionate seed.
    Itly, the dogs will be stagnant after being drunk. Seeing them, Xiaobian couldn't help thinking of a song "Drunk Drunk", but they were "a dog drunk."

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